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What to see in Pisa if you’ve taken enough photos of the famous Leaning Tower but decided to extend your trip? We have a great idea for you – pick up car hire in Pisa and find even more interesting places in the area. 

Indeed, there are many other places of interest in and around Pisa, and car hire is an easy and cheap way to visit them. You can hire a car for a day, a week, or even several weeks, depending on your travel plans. 

Pisa is a unique cultural city with a rich and interesting history, and you will find a lot to see besides the Leaning Tower there. Narrow streets, old mansions, basilicas, temples, churches, and parks – you have access to many amazing alternative sights.

Migliarino Natural Park 

What could be more relaxing than a walk in the middle of the wilderness? Well, the Migliarino Natural Park is a perfect place for this. Plus, it offers a great escape from the bustle of the city. 

The foundation of the park in the Tuscany region dates back to 1979. Due to the length and variety of climatic conditions, you can see many animals and various types of flora there. Sand dunes between the towns of Calambrone and Viareggio are especially popular. Also, the park features Lake Massaciuccoli, which is an excellent spot to catch scenic views on camera, or even swim in warm weather.


The Arno River Embankment

The Arno River is the famous Tuscan waterway that runs from the Apennines to the Ligurian Sea. Its total length is 248 km, and each section impresses with its landscapes. Yes, it goes around amazingly beautiful plains, hills, and vineyards, and stretches along cypress groves and fields.

However, the part of the river that runs through Pisa looks no less beautiful. Thus, take a walk along the riverfront and then choose the right place to enjoy the incredible city skyline against the backdrop of local architectural masterpieces.


Piazza dei Cavalieri 

Pisa is famous for its iconic squares, and Piazza dei Cavalieri is one of the most important sights and the second main square of the city. In the Middle Ages, it was the heart of the city's political life, and today it’s an important educational centre of Pisa since it houses the building of the Normal School. 

The square in our time occupies the place where the main city harbor was located during the period of antiquity. Here you will find several strikingly beautiful palaces and St. Stephen of the Knights Church. By the way, the prominent Renaissance art critic Giorgio Vasari took an active part in the creation of the whole architectural ensemble.


Scotto Garden 

You will find this beautiful garden on the banks of the Arno River, in the southern part of Pisa. The garden occupies the territory of the Nuova Citadel dating back to the 15th century. 

With many walking paths, benches, and cozy cafes, today it’s a favorite resting place for locals and visitors to the city. Its unique landscape was conceived and brought to life in the 19th century by D. Kaluri. The garden often hosts social events, art exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances. Plus, it offers an open-air cinema in the summer. All this makes Scotto Garden a perfect place to be alone with yourself and think about something really important.


Guelfa Tower 

to see Pisa from above? Then find the ancient Guelfa Tower. Over the centuries, cannonballs and shells tried to break its spirit, but the building survived.  The Second World War also left its mark, soaked in gunpowder and fire, after which Guelfa experienced a major reconstruction. 

Today, this place is enchanting with its stone walls, which have seen the marches of armies and the cunning intrigues of the courtiers. After all, the arcades and the jagged crown still hide the ancient emblems of noble families behind them. So, visiting the tower will add vivid impressions anyway. You can also go up to the upper level to see the entire historic city centre at a glance.

Summing it up, Pisa is a multi-faceted city that has a lot more than what you would expect from it. Yes, the world-known Leaning Tower is a must on your travel list, but then you can expand it considerably, especially if you hire a car. The city itself and its surroundings store many interesting sights that will give you an unforgettable experience. Thus, go to Pisa and spend some amazing and fun-filled days there!



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