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A good website doesn’t just look good—it should also be easy to use and navigate. The best user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) practices will help you reach your audience and keep them coming back to your site time and time again. What are the top design trends that will continue to drive businesses forward in the next 5 years? Here are 5 UI/UX trends that you need to know about.


1) Personalization

Making products more personally relevant to users is important, not only for keeping existing customers happy but also for attracting new ones. Personalization can take many forms: It can range from serving up an offer based on your previous purchases to creating a service that customizes its experience based on your previous actions. One company making strides with personalization is Amazon, which has experimented with surfacing book and movie recommendations customized to each customer’s tastes.


2) Voice as a control mechanism

At some point, designers and developers will start to look for ways to incorporate voice as a method of control for mobile interfaces. When our hands are full or busy, it makes sense that we would turn to our voices as an alternative input mechanism. Of course, due to technological limitations at present, voice control is rarely accurate (or quick) enough for anything but short commands—however with improvements in technology there’s no reason why voice can’t become a viable input method moving forward.


3) Bigger is better

As technology continues to advance, users are looking for larger amounts of content with even faster loading times. And it’s only going to get more demanding. As a designer, you need to stay ahead of your users so they can continue to use your website or application as efficiently as possible. The latest trend is bigger and bolder designs that are more visually engaging, especially on mobile devices.


4) Every pixel counts

There’s a lot of pixels on today’s smartphones, tablets, and desktop screens. When designing for these devices, keep these high resolutions in mind—it’s not just about optimizing a single page; it’s about rethinking every element of your site to work across multiple types of displays.


5) Flexibility

Users are becoming more and more accustomed to fluid, responsive designs. This is due in part to mobile internet use skyrocketing and users’ expectations of websites being available on all devices. In five years, most websites will feature a completely responsive design that looks great no matter what device it’s viewed on.




All of these UI/UX trends will take some time to develop. However, it’s never too early to begin planning for them, as they are likely to have a major impact on your business and user experience.  By hiring an experienced UI/UX design agency to handle your UI/UX designs, you can ensure that you stay ahead of these trends so that you can continue to provide an excellent customer experience. And with all of these factors at play, it is more important than ever before that businesses invest in top-notch design agencies who can help them keep up with changing times.



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