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A powerful ecommerce website design always wins. Since design is fuel for any ecommerce store, it needs to follow certain best practices so that users can experience something way beyond shopping, browsing or iterating with the brand. The core idea behind a well-designed and laid-out website is to help customers buy a product easily. Providing a unique customer experience will make them fall in love with you. A great ecommerce store design will contribute more to your conversion rate and give out a better performance. With good performance, you can ensure improved customer retention, which inversely lets them shop from your platform. 

That is not everything that a website can do; however, the main concern here is how you can create an ecommerce design that gives you all the perks? Well, here are a few things you can take care of: 

A Responsive Design

The majority of people like shopping from their mobile devices. This highlights the main component of the whole design – responsiveness. A responsive design lets your website adjust to any kind of device it is accessed from. The elements that can affect responsiveness are images, video, and text. A responsive ecommerce design is an important part of creating an incredible customer experience. 

Attractive homepage design 

A homepage is the storefront for you. Customers start forming opinions and the first impression right from your website’s homepage. The design should be all about creating an eye-catching impression to your audience, provoking interest in your products or services. Use bold messages, good and high-quality banner images, a pleasing background video etc.; everything should be framed and aligned so that your homepage instantly conveys credibility, authority and a brand image. 

Product Pages

The product page on an ecommerce website has to be structured, keeping in mind the goal to sell it to the customers. The displays on your product page hugely impact the decision of the customers to purchase it. Elements that you need to add to your ecommerce website’s product page are:

Product image: high-quality and professional product images on your website create a massive impact on purchase decisions. You can use product videos as well if that fits well in your budget. 

Product Description: once your customers have gone through the image, they may want to know more about it, and so they’ll head to the product descriptions. Enlisting the benefits and the features is a great way to connect with the purchase though while invoking an emotional feel. Good wordplay can change the game. 

Customer reviews: customer reviews are the secret of winning customer satisfaction and transacting with them. These reviews provide an assurance to the buyers that the product stands out in real life. 

CTA Button: the CTA button should involve simple text and an attractive color scheme that appeals and customers may want to click it. 

 Shopping Cart Page Design

Customers always click on the ‘View Cart’ button to check what they’ve selected. Thus, the list must be displayed in a well-organized manner, offering a quick preview of the name of the product, quantity and price. Also, the shopping cart page design must be designed to facilitate adding and removing products, applying discounts or promotional codes and seeing the total billing amount. Those who add items to the cart and leave the page without making a purchase should be tracked and followed up via emails or notifications so that they come back and complete it. 

Search Functionality

One of the best advantages of shopping online is that it allows customers to search for what they need, unlike physical stores. This makes it very clear that ecommerce design should support an easy and smooth search functionality. The position and visibility of the search bar throughout your website is the key. 

These are just a few common best practices that you can follow. However, the more practices you intake, the better ecommerce website design you can establish. The best way to test your design is via A/B testing. To help an ecommerce design prevail, businesses need to hold onto the helping hands of professionals. There are ecommerce website design experts like Ambitious, who’re making revolutionary exceptions and creating heart and profit-winning designs. Check out the website and decide for yourself. Visit now! 

Source URL: https://ambitious.nz/web-design/


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