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5 Electrical Myths You Probably Still Believe 

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As I'll describe below, as electricians, we can encounter challenges from time to time. Some people still hold antiquated beliefs from a time when there was less regulation of the sector. Here are five commercial electrician misconceptions that are untrue but which you probably still believe. 

1) Rewiring a little portion of your home doesn't require you to be an electrician. 

This is undoubtedly false and extremely dangerous! An apprenticeship lasting between two and four years is required to qualify as an electrician, and this apprenticeship must lead to an industry-recognized qualification. The apprentice must also successfully complete block releases at college, which include coursework and a final exam. Since the trainee is exposed to a variety of jobs, they become quite experienced and secure. You could put yourself in a lot of danger if you know someone who knows “a little bit about electrical wiring.” We become experienced due to our training and the range of work we conduct. Any rewiring should be done by a licenced electrician to prevent overloading and fires as more and more households and businesses use electronics and demand a lot of electricity. 

2) That all that is required of you is to cross your fingers and wish for the best. 

It's untrue. If you hire an electrician, confirm that they have a NICEIC or SELECT registration. This means that contractors that are registered with NICEIC are regularly inspected, and you will be assured that the work will be done to a high quality. The so-called NICEIC Platinum Promise is offered by the NICEIC. This indicates that they will take action to correct the work if it is of a subpar grade and the electrician was a NICEIC but is no longer registered or is no longer in business. Therefore, you won't need to worry if you get an electrician who is registered. 

The third complaint is that they never show up as promised. 

Although some electricians might be like that, we like to think we are different. Some electricians overwork themselves, which causes them to constantly fall behind schedule. Although we are aware that different projects are completed at different rates, we also recognise that some of our clients may have made special arrangements to take time off work so they could receive our visit. Therefore, we always make an effort to arrive when we say we will and call in advance if we anticipate being late. Being in business, we are aware that disappointing our customers can lead to negative emotions. 

4) They never complete what they start when they promise. 

Due to the complexity of the work or the appearance of previously unknown problems, tasks can occasionally take longer than expected. We want to finish the task and move on to the next, so it is not in our best interest to go over schedule. Due to the complexity of the task and the rising demands for technology in homes and households, it occasionally takes longer to complete than anticipated. Above all, we want to make sure the work is done safely, which may require taking a little longer. 

5. They impose the prices they choose. 

Before work begins, the majority of regulated electrical contractors will offer a reasonable and sincere quote. There may be an additional fee if issues that were not anticipated before the job began arise. It is comparable to a car mechanic who discovers issues during a repair that call for extra time and resources. It is a good idea to obtain two or three quotes for the work, and if they are significantly different, look further into reviews, credentials, and experience to determine why this might be the case. 



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