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Long-range precision shooting may start with an M4A1 and a scope, but it requires more than just a good rifle and optic. You need practice and skill, the right ammo, and other pieces of gear that help facilitate better accuracy from extended distances. Whether you are a hunter looking to extend your range or a competitive shooter, it’s worth investing in these five pieces of gear.

An Ultra-Accurate Rifle

Your first step is to get an accurate rifle. Generally, the longer the barrel, the more accurate the firearm, but this also adds more weight to the rifle. A Mark 12 rifle, for example, features an 18-inch barrel, which provides plenty of accuracy without feeling like a boat anchor. It can still be used as a general rifle in events like a 3-gun competition while performing well in long-range shooting. For an AR-style rifle, you want a free-floating rail, as this system has proven to be the most accurate for many shooters.

Consider Making Your Own Ammo

Different calibers are better suited for long-range shooting, but if you have an M4 carbine and are locked into 556, it’s time to break out the handloading equipment. Every rifle and every shooter is slightly different, so it’s best to hand load your own ammo if you want to be the most accurate as possible. This way, you can experiment, adjust the grain count, use different bullets or primers, and figure out exactly how to make the most accurate ammo for you and your gun.

Specialized Long-Range Optics

Trying to shoot at long range using iron sights or a red dot with no magnification is not a recipe for an accurate shot. Instead, depending on how far out you want to shoot, you need a magnified scope. You could use a fixed magnification scope, or if you intend to shoot at different distances, you might want a variable scope. This can help in a competition where you need to shoot accurately from different ranges. The scope should have a ballistic turret, helping you set a zero and sight the gun. Both vertical and horizontal hash marks on the reticle can help you account for elevation and wind, respectively.

Accurate Rangefinder

Dialing in your scope is easier if you know the exact distance to your target. Rather than guessing or taking a bunch of test shots, pick up an accurate rangefinder. You need to know the exact distance from your gun to your target, and a rangefinder can tell you that number. This allows you to make accurate adjustments to your scope and ensure you’re on target from extended distances.

Solid Shooting Rests

You normally don’t shoot standing and holding your rifle in long-range shooting. Instead, you need to keep it as stabilized as possible. That means you will shoot with a stable rest from either the prone position or on a bench. Typically, you want a bipod on the front of the rifle and a sandbag or backpack for the back, but you might use sandbags instead of a bipod. Either way, make sure your shooting rests are super stable and reliable.

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