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History is the study of the past, but it does not involve any one time period or era; rather, it encompasses knowledge about every major event or person who, in one way or another, was responsible for a significant shift that can still feel today. In this blog, we've compiled a list of five historical events that occurred in different places of the world yet resulted in a shift in how people think.

Please look at our collection to learn about some of history's most significant events. Students may learn more about additional global changes with the help of history assignment help and AutoCAD Assignment Help. Here are top five events that have changed the world.

  1. Invention of the printing press

The invention of print media is often regarded as one of history's most revolutionary developments. It brought a whole new concept of information and communication to the entire planet. In 1440, German printer Johannes Guttenberg created the first printing press. It included moving components and ink-based frames that could print hundreds of sheets of paper in a short amount of time. It had a huge influence and paved the way for the entire field.

  1. The French Revolution

This incident is mentioned in every history book on the planet. It all started in 1789 with a quarrel between the rulers and the general populace. A battle that lasted ten years and saw several memorable events such as the storming of the Bastille, the formation of the Constitution, and so on, this particular event set the stage for other revolutions to abolish the threat of slavery, anarchy, and royalty.

  1. The Berlin Wall

People got rid of Hitler, the guy responsible for one of the world's greatest devastation efforts, just as the Second World War concluded. However, it sparked a debate about German land ownership. The country was split into two halves: democratic and communist. A wall was erected in the centre of Berlin City as a symbol of division to separate the two areas. A massive demonstration took place in 1989, and millions of people went to the wall to tear it down. This incident signaled the fall of communism and the beginning of democracy.

  1. The Roman Empire's Demise

This alludes to the most troubling time in European history, which spanned two centuries. The Roman Empire was regarded as the most powerful political entity in history. It possessed the greatest soldiers, crusaders, capitalists, artillery, and so on, all of whom could easily dominate any opponent. However, hubris, drunkenness, betrayal, and colonialism poisoned it, resulting in its demise. The Roman Empire is alone responsible for disseminating civilization's art throughout the globe.

  1. A terrorist attack hit the World Trade Centre.

The horrifying pictures of the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York City will live on in the minds of everyone on the planet. A larger-than-ever attack that not only jolted the United States but also sent shockwaves around the globe, it was a beautiful sunny day in New York on September 9, 2001, when two aircraft appeared out of nowhere and slammed into the famed complex's Northern and Southern towers. The horrific attack remains the worst terrorist attack in history.


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