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Name cards are essential, especially for professionals such as Kiasu Name Card Printing. First and foremost, it creates a great initial impression if designed properly. With an outstanding name card, you can gain an edge and secure the success of creating a positive image both for yourself and your company. Printing plain name cards won't get you anywhere. What about trying to get one of these finishes to help you stand out more?

1. Fold

Choosing to add a fold for your name card can truly make an impression. Moreover, it is highly beneficial if you need to convey more information with your name card. There are various folding techniques that you can choose in printing services, such as single, double, concertina, and letter. It is a lot better to choose this finish instead of trying to stuff all the information or text that you want onto the very limited space of a regular-sized name card.

2. Spot UV

Spot UV refers to the technique of adding varnish to a specific part of the name card. This varnish will then be exposed to UV light and so in result makes it a protective layer with a glossy look. It is very good to highlight the important part of your name cards such as your logo, company name, or others that you deem necessary.

3. Varnish

There are several different types of varnish that you can choose as an extra layer to your name card to protect it from various damages. Varnish can either be matte, silk, or gloss. With varnish, you can make your name card last longer and look more beautiful.

4. Die-Cutting

You can definitely be creative with die-cutting. Die-cutting allows you to cut shapes or designs out of the paper. This method uses a die, thus the name. Now, you don't have to always stick to the basic rectangular shape for your name card. You can design it in any way you can and this can truly make you stand out because you appear different compared to others. For recommendation, how about rounding the edge of your name card for a simple extra touch of uniqueness?

5. Foil Stamping

If you want to get a luxurious and elegant impression for your name card, try this one out. Foil stamping can enhance certain text on your name card or the logo of your company using heat processed coating. Commonly, the available colors for foil stamping are gold and silver, but you can always ask if other colors are available in the printing service you work with.

In Kiasu Print, you can choose several different types of finishes that can surely make your name card look more beautiful. Moreover, you can make your orders online which makes everything a lot easier and more convenient. If you are in a hurry, you can choose the express printing service that enables you to pick up your name card at the next day. Of course, you won't have to worry about the price because it is definitely affordable especially if you order a large quantity at once.


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