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5 fitness trends set to define 2022

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We’re now firmly into another New Year, and you know what that means: the last of the mince pies and chocolate boxes finished off, the Christmas tree having come down, the return to work… and the inevitable sense that you might not achieve your fitness-oriented New Year resolution. 

But do you need to be quite that fatalistic? Well, no, not least given that the pandemic has brought forth various trends in fitness that are helping people like you to restore some motivation and chase their personal bests once again. 

Below are just some of those trends we expect to be particularly prominent during 2022. 

Posture will become a bigger focus 

If you’ve been working from home for a while now, perhaps with a ‘home office’ arrangement that doesn’t lend itself as well to a healthy posture as your employer’s office did, you might have understandably experienced more aches and pains than you once did. 

That, in turn, could provide you with good reason to combat such musculoskeletal woes by taking on regular yoga or Pilates this year – as it is predicted many other people will do in 2022. 

The male body-positivity movement will pick up pace 

Pursuing your fitness goals doesn’t have to mean not embracing your appearance and physique as it is right now. Actor Jonah Hill’s request to his fans on Instagram last year to “not comment on my body… it’s not helpful and doesn’t feel good” could be a moment that we all look back on as significant in the development of male body positivity. 

On a backdrop of recent research indicating that body image has loomed ever larger as a mental health issue for many men, here at Hybryd, we strongly endorse efforts like Jonah’s to call out the toxicity that can often arise over how we perceive our own bodies, and other people’s. 

The resurgence of reverse running 

If that heading might seem a bit of a tongue-twister, it’s probably still not quite as awkward as reverse running itself. 

Running backwards for fitness isn’t actually new – it emerged previously as a trend in the 1980s – but it seems that plenty of us have given it a go lately. There are good reasons for that, including the fact that it’s one exercise routine that doesn’t necessitate investing in any especially fancy new gym training gear in addition to what you already have, plus the different way it works the muscles compared to forward running. 

Although of course, reverse running can also be more dangerous than its forward equivalent in environments where you might not be entirely sure what’s going on around and behind you. So, it’s crucial to be vigilant and sensible. 

This is going to HIRT 

You might have seen more frequent references to ‘HIRT’ on fitness blogs lately, that acronym – of course – referring to High Intensity Resistance Training. 

Basically, ‘HIRT’ refers to resistance training that takes place in short, intense bursts, and involving weights. You might want to incorporate more HIRT into your exercise routine if you would like to achieve impressive results in a short space of time, given how great it can be for tiring out your muscles and spiking your heart rate – although naturally, you also shouldn’t forget those brief rests between sets. 

As for exactly what you do under the HIRT banner, well, that could depend on whatever you fancy doing on the given day. Shoulder presses, deadlifts, barbell squats… they’re all possible with HIRT. 

Showing your individual style – and support for independent fitness brands 

2022 certainly looks likely to be a year when fitness fanatics of all levels refuse to ‘make do’ with whatever random exercise clothing and accessories they can find lying around the house. That’s just so spring 2020 – this year, it’s all about conscientious purchases of the gym training gear and fitness wear that works well for you and sends out an important message. 

One such ‘message’ for you could be one of support for independent British fitness brands like Hybryd – and our extensive product range, as well as free UK delivery on all orders, might just sweeten the deal.  

Whatever the extent or stage of your fitness journey as we enter 2022, there is reason for hope and positivity – you can attain your goals by first taking some simple steps. And if you require any further help or advice in relation to any of our products, 




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