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5 Glitter Wearing Tips for the Most Insta-Worthy Selfie

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Glitter as a makeup item can add a sparkling effect to the face and especially is apt for evening wear. A wide variety of glitters are available and one can use them creatively for a shimmering look.  

Make sparkle a part of your makeup and sprinkle it here and there to make a lasting impression. The best time to use glitter as a part of your makeup is summer and it is also the best time to take pictures. A little bit of glitter in your makeup goes a long way for those best Instagram photos. The best place to add glitter is as a part of your eye makeup. Get a shimmer eyeshadow palette and you can play with a variety of colours and shades. It is a really interesting thing to do if you learn how to do it. Try experimenting with different colours of glitter daily and when you have to dress up for an occasion, you will know what to do.  

Here are some quick and fancy tips to use to add glitter to your eye makeup. There are different types of glitter available and each type serves a different purpose. 

  1. Glitter to cut crease:  Are you worried about the crease lines on your face or those ugly crow’s feet? Glitter does a fantastic job of taking away attention from the creases and enhancing the look of the eyes. They are master concealers and can hide those lines easily and you end up with Instagram picture-perfect. In the glitter eyeshadow palette, choose colours that can enhance your skin town. If you are using it for an evening occasion then go in for darker and shinier colours. Glitter also makes you more photogenic and you can have several Insta-worthy selfies.  
  2. High Shine glitter: Usually shimmery eye makeup is preferred by many celebs because it adds sparkle to the eyes. High-shine glitters come in interesting shades like coral pink, midnight blue, and even black. Add a dash of peach or coral while using glitter and the result is magical.  
  3. Winged shimmer makeup: If you are wearing wing-shaped eyeliner then accentuate the wings with glitter. It provides a holographic look and adds a beautiful shimmer to the entire makeup. Glitter eyeshadow makeup is all about playing with effects. 
  4. Include the brows: You probably never heard of glitter on your eyebrows. We suggest you try it and use dark glitter or even silver and dust it across the eyebrows. It looks unique and yet adds so much value to the entire makeup.  
  5. Glitter on your lower lash: This is another superb technique that can add wonders to your look. Use some glitter on the edge of your eyelashes and dust just the tip of the lash. Blink your eyes once or twice and presto! You will give that magical look in your eyes.  
  6. In Conclusion 

Adding glitter as a part of your makeup can make wonders and enhance the overall look. Also, glitter is a master concealer and makes a person look younger. They work best when they are used as a part of eye makeup. Eyes in general are the most attractive feature of the face and accentuating them increases the beauty of the person. If you want to take some worthwhile Instagram pics, use glitter and see how magical your photo looks.  

If you are a glitterati (glitter fan) then try some of Viseart’s unique range of glitter to add shine to the makeup. If used at the right places in the right quantity, it can transform your look.  



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