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Android possesses some hidden features which will leave you jaw-dropped, and you must know about them. There are a variety of Android models, but its basic structure remains the same. Which means all of them do have hidden features that work the same way?

Sometimes, these features are set up at different locations on different phones. You can always use the ‘Search Bar’ of your phone to discover the same.

Let’s take a look on these hidden features of an Android phone which will amaze you:

Stop Beeping

It might get irritating sometimes, your phone continuously beeping for every notification, still you can’t keep your phone on ‘Silent Mode’ as well, for some important phone calls to follow.

Well, the trick is pretty simple. Use the ‘Alert’ option to silent your notifications while they still pop-up on your lock screen, so you don’t miss any. All you need to do is press and hold the Alert button for a few seconds and choose between ‘Alert’ or ‘Silent.’

‘Alert’ will keep the beeping sound on, while ‘Silent’ will not only notify you without any sound.

Include sub-titles along with Videos or Podcasts

You can add subtitles to any videos, voice notes, or podcasts you want. This feature enables you to understand even if the video is on mute. It is only supported by Android version 10 and above.

To add the captions, the steps are:

Go to the ‘Settings’ from your home screen.

Scroll down and look for the ‘Live Caption’ tab. Turn the slider on for the ‘Live Caption’ button. Next time you play anything, sub-titles will tag along.


A split-screen feature enables you to use two applications at a time. This is a multitasking form that makes it easy to type a message from your notes, and much more.

The steps to view your screen as split-screen are:

Open one app that you’re using, press, and hold on the app switcher button.

All the other recent tabs will appear, tap on one of them.

The screen will split into two halves, and both the apps will appear at the same time.

Using Smart Lock

You don’t have to lock your phone again and again when at home. It is only needed when you’re somewhere out and need to keep your privacy from others.

With the Android ‘Smart Lock’ feature, you can keep your phone unlocked while on a specific location.

The steps to set this feature, the steps are mentioned below:

Go to the ‘Settings’ on your home screen.

Tap on the ‘security’ button and click ‘Smart Lock.’

You will have to enter the pin if asked.

Note: It is not a safe option if someone at home tries to access your phone as it’ll be unlocked.

Share Wi-Fi Quickly

You can use a QR Code on your phone to let anyone scan and get access to your Wi-Fi instead of giving out your password.

In the ‘Settings’ section, tap on the ‘Network’ and then ‘Wi-Fi.’ Next to the ‘Add Network’ option, click on the QR icon, and you’re all set.

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