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Typically, gold is associated with earrings and bars in jewellery. Gold, on the other hand, is versatile due to its non-reactive and conductive properties. Here are five unlikely places to look for gold.


Gold serves as a conductor in a variety of electronic devices, including computers, televisions, stereos, and calculators. Do you intend to “mine” the gold contained in your previous electronics? Take a look at this Wired article.

The Junk Yard.

Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the precious metals in your car's catalytic converters, which are small but expensive parts that control your car's emissions. The presence of these metals makes catalytic converters a frequent target for thieves, as reported by The New York Times.


Researchers are testing the use of gold in lithium batteries to extend the range of electric vehicles. But because gold is so expensive, they are just trying new things. After all, using gold might prevent the majority of consumers from purchasing electric cars, which are already prohibitively expensive.

The Ground.

how frequently gold is found, it's easy to forget that it comes from the ground. Additionally, it is still present in dry creek beds and streams throughout California and other regions. According to Wired, low-income Californians are actually prospecting for gold.

The Ocean.

Furthermore, who could forget the ocean's buried treasure? Off the coast of South Carolina is the SS Central America, which is believed to contain $86 million worth of gold. However, you should not dive into the ocean expecting to make a fortune because the government has the right to claim any treasure discovered off the coast of the United States.

The Gold price depends on various factors. Therefore buyers must check the price of precious metals before buying.


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