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Buying and moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting new chapters of your life. However, it can also be overwhelming. In addition to the unpacking and decorating process, setting up services, and all the other tasks that come with the process, there’s the question of home improvement. As hectic as things tend to be, the key to successfully getting that DIY home improvement ball rolling is to start modestly. For instance, a stone veneer panel selection can upgrade both the interior and exterior of any home. Here are five home improvement projects to consider for your new home.

Paint the Front Door

Painting the front door is relatively easy, and it makes a fun statement. Painting your front door a vibrant, cheerful color also sets your house apart from others on your street. In addition to a pop of color for an inviting entrance, that statement provides the practical benefit of making your house easier to identify for visitors and deliveries. It’s among the best ways to make your home’s first impression bold and impressive for anyone visiting or simply walking by. Once you’ve got the front door taken care of, you can continue to boost your home’s style with a new interior door for your next relatively simple, satisfying project.

Add Some More Insulation

When it comes to practical home improvements that can save you money and make you more comfortable, insulation is important. Check the insulation in attics and crawl spaces and both ceilings and walls where possible. Adding some additional insulation around vents and openings or to shore up spots with little or no insulation can make a big difference. Picking up some rolls of batt insulation is an effective and inexpensive way to potentially save a good bit of money and reduce energy use.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds make for a more dynamic lawn and garden space. The soil in raised beds warms up sooner in the spring, often features better drainage than the soil around them, and makes it harder for some pests to reach. Since the beds are raised, it also makes them easier on your back and knees while tending them. Perhaps most relevant to your DIY projects—pretty much anyone can build them, even if you don’t consider yourself super handy.

Seal Up Cracks and Openings

As is the case with adding insulation, sealing up any cracks or openings in your home that are allowing air to come in or escape out is likely to reduce your monthly expenses. Flex Paste, the super-thick rubberized sealing paste, is an invaluable resource for sealing those openings, doing repairs, and many other DIY project ideas. It is easy to use and will stick to virtually any surface.

Upgrade Your Home with Stone Panels

Stone adds a classic, timeless feeling of sophistication to any home. That’s true of both your exterior and interior spaces. Many homeowners who would love to install stone either as an exterior or an interior accent have avoided doing so because of the labor and expense they imagine it will require. However, stone veneer panels make upgrading your new home with a gorgeous stone exterior or interior both an affordable and achievable DIY project.

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