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Struggling to get rid of ants at home? There are umpteen hacks that can help you deal with the stubborn ant infestation. Try to eradicate the trouble without using chemicals. Here are some useful and non-toxic remedies to repel ants easily. Use these tips and say goodbye to the ants forever.

Liquid Detergent Works Well

Ants can be really very annoying if not treated at the right time. It is important to keep the house clean to keep the pesky rodents away. Try to follow a regular cleanup routine to eliminate the pest attack permanently. 

Did you ever know that detergents can be used to tackle the nasty pest issue? Take a generous amount of glass cleaner and mix it with some liquid detergent.  Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the high traffic areas. Gently wipe down the space leaving behind a little residue.  Ants are not fond of this scent, and thus will move away gradually.

White Vinegar Is A Great Remedy

White vinegar is something that is commonly found in all homes. This not just acts as a mystical cleaning agent, but also helps keep the ants at bay.  White vinegar is the simplest and most affordable ant repellent available.

Take water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and mix well. Apply the mixture onto hard surfaces like floors and cabinets. You must closely monitor the frequent entry points. Ants are indeed very clever and thus should be handled very carefully. Wipe the surface with a neat paper towel once done.

Eliminate Food Sources

Just like us, ants love sweets too! Cut off the starchy food items, if you are trying to get rid of ants. Ensure that the food products are tightly sealed in air-tight containers. If the food supply is cut, the ants will not stay for long. 

Deal with the food spills as and when you spot them. Never prolong the cleanup as the ants get notified way too faster than expected. Sweep and vacuum the crumbs away and maintain a spotless atmosphere at home.

Seek Some Help

If the situation goes out of control, then do not wait for a second to call the pest control experts. Not all are pros at handling the mess. Research more about the professional pest control team in the city and fix an appointment with them without any delay. Prefer agencies that eliminate the rodents without poisoning the healthy living ambience at home. Let them come in for a pre-inspection if you are satisfied with all the terms and conditions. 

Choose the best experts and get away with the ants forever. List down a few reputed agencies and get a lot of quotes, so that you can filter out the good ones appropriately. 

Seal All Possible Entrances 

Treat the ants, the moment you spot one of them. Otherwise, dealing with them is not going to be an easy task. Shut every possible ant entrance and also check on the window screens. An ant infestation can be stopped forever if the cracks in homes are repaired.


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