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How I Met Your Mother by Craig Thomas and Carter boys has been the highest-rated show of the 2010s. This critically acclaimed show has managed to create a benchmark for itself in American Sitcom’s history in a way only a few others have. But, as much as people love this show, there are still fewer attributes in the plotline which seem to put a stench on the reruns for this masterpiece.

The final season 

The first stench for HIMYM was its final season. I still wonder that apart from people wanting one last season, was there any need for season 9? this successfully running show seemed to drop a disappointment with its final season as it didn’t offer anything new for its viewers. 90% of the last season passed in the story tracing Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. The only good part in the otherwise dreadful season was the addition of the character of the mother. The character came on the screen like a breath of fresh air, but for some reason, the producers limited the screen time for the character the viewers were curious about from the very start of Ted’s romantic life on the show.

The Mother 

The show’s whole narrative stood on the suspense of the character “Mother,” but regardless of which, the producers choose to limit her screen time. The ending of HIMYM left so many questions unanswered for instance, how did Tracy, who was the member of the band playing at the reception left early? Or what did Tracy die off? The creators of the show killed the suspense very abruptly.

Elle’s mother 

In the last episode, last forever: part two, we saw Barney’s daddy phase where, while achieving a perfect month, he gets a girl pregnant. Sadly, the producers never revealed the identity of Barney’s child. They just showcased him holding a baby girl and telling her that everything he has is all her.

Contrasting treatment of characters 

Apart from the missing factors in the plotline, there were a few elements that caught the viewers’ eye. The first in that was the character of Marshal. Let’s understand why it was problematic. While we saw Marshal High fiving Barney for hooking up with a girl solely based on his lies, he seemed to demean Robin when she jumped from one relationship to another. Throughout the show, Marshal’s character used reprehensive words like “slut alert,” which caught a lot of criticism.

The ending 

The producer planned to end the show exactly how it started with the blue French horn and five dogs. On the other hand, viewers believed that it’s just sad that their plan was terrible. They think it was wrong that they killed the suspense lady and presented the same angle of Robin and Ted’s romance.

In the end, we and the fans believe that no matter how many mistakes were in the plot, the show was still a massive success, and we seem to love it.

 Source URL –5 How I Met Your Mother Storylines That Were Abandoned



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