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It is insane how many pawnshops one has available at their disposal, today.

If you need to sell an item, you can sell it instantly and get quick cash in the blink of an eye. Apart from your local pawnshops, there are a dozen others that are operating online.

If you are in need of some instant cash, here are the top five items a pawnshop would never say no to: 


Jewelry is a holy grail for any pawnshop, more when it is authentic. If you have real jewelry, gold, diamond, or silver lying around, it is best to sell it at a pawn shop. You can easily get a few hundred bucks if the jewelry you are trying to sell is authentic. 

Pawnshops instantly take a liking to jewelry pieces that are in great condition and would offer you wholesomely if you are ready to make a deal. Moreover, you can also sell broken jewelry pieces at a Pawnshop. The various elements on a piece of jewelry, like gemstone or metal, can yield a great price individually. The pawnshop is also in for a treat with broken jewelry, as they can use it to create new ones. 

Jewelers in Pittsburgh can offer you a handsome deal on a series of items, and jewelry is the greatest one of them. 


Any given pawnshop will pay you for luxury watches. Brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Phillipe are always on demand, with people who are crazy about second-hand watches. Since there is a lot of money in it for pawnshops as well, they will happily offer you a decent amount in exchange for your watches. 


Gemstones have taken over the jewelry industry, and therefore they are as much in demand as diamonds were a while ago. You can sell a selection of gemstones, whether loose or embedded in a piece of jewelry and any pawnshop will be happy to buy them. The demand for these stones has grown more than ever since Kate Middleton was seen flaunting an enormous Sapphire. 


Diamonds are one of the most sold items at a pawnshop. The most reputed of the pawnshop deals in loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry and pays its customers handsomely for them. 

Jewelry stores in downtown Pittsburgh are among the best jewelry stores you can sell your diamonds. A diamond might lose its retail value over time, but pawnshops ensure that you get the most reasonable price while you sell them. 

If you have diamond jewelry and are in urgent need of money, then selling it to a pawnshop is the quickest way to generate some easy cash. 

Broff’s Diamond & Loan Co. is one of the leading jewelry stores in Pittsburgh that practice diamond buying, selling, and loaning. With their years of experience and unflinching loyalty to their customers, they will offer you the best monetary value in exchange for your valuables. 


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