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Suppose you are in the market looking for a kitchen chimney that can offer you the perfect combination of the latest features, good suction power, great design, powerful motor and budget-friendly price. In that case, Kaff chimney models are something that is not possible to ignore.

Here is a list of the top five Kaff chimney models that can make your cooking experience more enjoyable:

1. Kaff Chimney NOVA SV 60

The NOVA SV series offers a new range of electric Kaff chimneys that have been developed and designed to deliver efficiency, comfort and energy savings to its users. The Kaff Chimney NOVA SV series meets the requirements of today's consumers and sets new standards for their competitors.

KAFF Chimney Nova SV 60 showcases black tempered glass paired with matt black rust-free coating. The ‘O' Touch Control with bright LED display and timer function makes it hugely popular among its users. The max airflow of this 60 cm Kaff chimney is 1,000 Nm3/h; due to the high suction power, it will efficiently absorb all the oils and gas during your cooking, offering you a pleasant experience. 

The powerful motor, aluminium filter, energy-saving long frosted LED light and its overall performance makes it a great choice in this price segment.

Kaff Chimney Price: ₹ 12,140

2. Kaff Chimney ACE BF 60

The Kaff Chimney ACE BF 60 features auto-clean technology and an oil collector box. With a high capacity motor, the suction power of this Kaff Chimney is 1,000 m3/hr. ACE BF 60 comes bundled with a double baffle filter and a metal blower. This model is very easy to clean, and the button controls are extremely durable. 

The air outlet of 150mm, 2-speed settings and 2 LED lights with a toughened glass top and decorative finish make it ideal for two stove burners. The manufacturer offered a budget-friendly option that perfectly combines technology, looks, and performance.

Kaff Chimney Price: ₹ 8,690

3. Kaff Chimney META 60

Thanks to its sensible pricing, the Kaff Chimney META 60 is a pocket-friendly model, yet it is highly efficient at keeping your kitchen neat and clean. Motors are generally made of aluminium to keep them non-sticky. This model's grease, oil, and other residues will be stored in the collector box. This Kaff chimney is very easy to maintain as the ducts are easy to clean with some dry cloth and cleaning solution.

The suction power of this Kaff chimney is 935 m3/hr, and its big hose further enhances the suction efficiency. The manufacturer offers seven years of warranty on the motor and one year warranty on the entire product.

Kaff Chimney Price: ₹6,310

4. Kaff Chimney Nobelo TX DHC 75

The Nobelo TX DHC 75 is a filterless Kaff chimney model packed with dry heat auto-clean technology. The black tempered glass design, 3-speed gesture control, and a fully concealed motor make it a hugely popular kitchen appliance among its users.

This Kaff chimney generates very low noise during its operation, and its large oil collectors ensure to keep your kitchen neat and clean. When you switch ON this Kaff chimney, the glass panel opens up in an elegant way to start operating. The suction power of this model is 1,000 m3/hr, and the big hose further enhances its efficiency.

With this model, you will no longer have to worry about the smoke and dust in your kitchen. The stylish look and outstanding features will add elegance to the overall look of your kitchen.

Kaff Chimney Price: ₹21,870

5. Kaff Chimney MILA DHC 60

The MILA DHC 60 comes with two baffle filters and dry heat auto-clean feature. Apart from its auto-clean technology, the touch control and separate oil collector makes this Kaff chimney highly efficient. This model has a powerful suction capacity of 1,150 m3/hr and an 8-inch exhaust fan to take care of all the unwanted smoke and oil in your kitchen to keep it damp-free. 

The 2-speed settings, 2 LED lights and air outlet of 150MM make it an excellent choice for 2-3 stove burners. The manufacturer offers two years of comprehensive and seven years of motor warranty on this Kaff Chimney model.

Affordable Kaff Chimney Price: ₹10,747

Kaff is one of the prominent manufacturers of chimneys in India. Even though the company started its journey in 1987, it was not very popular due to its high pricing. 

Kaff chimneys were costly as they used to export their products from Europe, but they solved that issue by setting up a new manufacturing plant near India. They soon started gaining traction and ultimately became one of the top Chimney brands in India due to their top-notch quality products and excellent after-sales service.

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