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The world continues to change at a rapid pace, and it’s clear that a digital transformation is crucial for organizations that want to remain competitive and achieve new goals.

In every vertical, industry leaders work to evolve their infrastructure and practices in order to continue growing. Although these changes vary from business to business, the end goals are largely similar: elevated productivity, reinforced longevity, and a clear path forward.

Whether you’ve recently enhanced your workplace, or haven’t felt the need to do so just yet, it’s vital that you have a clear understanding of how these changes can benefit your organization.

Here’s a look at five elements of a digitally transformed workplace and how each of these alterations can help your business take the next step.


Seamless collaboration is key to not just working efficiently, but also achieving better outcomes. Whether your team members depend on a business phone system, email, a messaging app, or a combination of these, their ability to work together is mission-critical.

Empowering your team members is arguably the most critical element of modernizing any business, so evaluating systems and seeking feedback from your team regarding intra-office communication is an excellent place to start.

Scalable IT Solutions

There’s no question that digitizing processes and records is a boon for any organization, but simply moving information from filing cabinets to hard drives isn’t enough. You need IT solutions that are scalable, so you can seize each new opportunity.

For instance, businesses in the Southeast seeking the finest managed IT services Chattanooga, Birmingham, or Nashville offers often find that outsourcing IT work—as opposed to building their own in-house teams—meets their needs without adding overhead, keeping their organization lean and efficient.

Secure, Accessible Data Storage

Functional data storage is a significant part of fostering interconnectivity across your organization. To work efficiently and achieve optimal results, your team members need to be able to access the information they need without delay.

But that access can’t come at the expense of your organizational security. That’s why, when you work with a partner who provides the finest managed IT services Knoxville, Huntsville, or any Southeast city delivers, you’ll enjoy cloud-hosted infrastructure and management along with managed cybersecurity solutions and a business continuity plan.

Automation and Outsourcing

Across all verticals, organizations see the best results when they allow their team members to play to their strengths. In many cases, especially as your business grows, that means automating and outsourcing certain tasks or processes in order to maintain peak efficiency.

Rather than making your web development team responsible for in-house IT services, it’s wise to outsource. That way, your entire office team can enjoy the reliable IT support Nashville, Birmingham, and Chattanooga businesses depend on while preserving your team’s focus on your core business.

Up-to-Date Equipment and Software

From your office phone system to your desktop terminals, copiers, modems, and more, modernizing your office requires the latest equipment and software. When your team members have no choice but to use obsolete systems, they won’t perform their best.

With updated tools and programs, your team can transfer calls seamlessly, collaborate effectively, and deliver the service that will help your business stand head and shoulders above the competition in the eyes of your customers.

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RJ Young is an industry-leading provider of technology solutions that help organizations evolve into modern workplaces. Serving businesses in more than 30 locations across nine states, RJ Young empowers businesses with their comprehensive managed IT solutions, process outsourcing, office technology and equipment, as well as digital communications to enhance productivity. With an unwavering commitment to delivering solutions for clients while also making a positive impact on the lives of their 650 team members and throughout their communities, it’s no wonder that RJ Young’s client retention rate is so impressive and their customer rating scores so high. From imaging solutions to AV technology, business security systems, and much more, RJ Young is ready to help your business grow with their “We Make It Right” guarantee. RJ Young does all through a focus on their core values of honoring people, customers, and communities.

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