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For hunters, it’s the most glorious time of year—whitetail season is upon us. As exciting as it is, being unprepared before the season begins can ruin what should be a highlight of your year.

That’s why completing a few last-minute tasks is such a critical part of the process. They include checking in with your hunting buddies and updating or replacing your equipment with apparel and gear from a first-rate hunting clothing brand. Here are five items to add to your checklist before your first hunting trip of the season.

Make a List and or Recheck It

This may seem like an obvious one, but far too many hunters fail to take this step. A lot goes into the hunting process—before, during, and sometimes after the season. So, making a physical list can be incredibly beneficial.

The process of simply making a list is often a useful way to remind yourself of things that may have otherwise slipped under your radar. If you already have a well-established hunting-prep checklist, make a point to always double-check it, even if you think you’ve got everything covered.

Load Up Your High-Quality Hunting Pack

The focus on hunting equipment tends to revolve around apparel and gear related to firearms or compound bows. While that certainly makes sense, having a high-quality hunting pack is just as essential.

If you already own a light, strong, efficient hunting pack, focus on organizing it before your trip. If you don’t have a pack yet, pick one up sooner rather than later so you can get acquainted with all its features.

Get Yourself a Merino Wool Hoodie

If you pay attention to the buzz among hunters and within the hunting apparel industry, you know that Merino wool is the perfect material for hunting.

And if you’ve ever worn high-quality Merino wool hunting clothes, you know the difference they can make. This fabric is buttery-soft comfort, offers next-level temperature regulation, and even boasts moisture management. Talk about some important boxes you can check in one single package.

So, do yourself a favor and pick up a top-notch Merino wool hoodie before your next hunting trip.

Check In with Your Hunting Friends

There are a variety of practical advantages to hunting with a friend or friends. First, the shared experience can simply be more fun. Plus, your hunting buddies can provide you with invaluable hunting insights, vastly increase the amount of terrain that can be glassed or explored, and may even be a literal lifesaver in the event that you run into any unexpected circumstances.

Now’s the time to make plans with your go-to group of hunters or to guarantee that plans you’ve already made remain intact.

Pick Up High-Quality Hunting Clothes

In addition to your new Merino wool hoodie, make a point to stock up on truly high-quality gear from a renowned hunting brands clothing line. Heading out in a heated base layer, a reliable outer layer, and other hunter-designed apparel can change your entire hunting experience.

For instance, if you’re hunting in challenging terrain, a rugged pair of pants is a must. No matter where the hunting season takes you, the right gear is a great way to ensure you can create plenty of memories.

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