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Plants have many properties that can benefit humans and their environments. Plants and herbs have been harvested for thousands of years for their powers, scents, and sustenance. Essential oils are made from the concentration of those plant extracts. From creating aromatic environments that help you flourish to freshening up your homemade cleaning supplies and so much more, here are five magical botanicals and the enchanting essential oils made from them and how they can enhance your life.

Brilliant Boswellia Sacra

This small, deciduous tree produces frankincense, the “king of oils.” This inconspicuous little tree has deep cultural roots dating back thousands of years and produces a resin that has been used by ancient cultures all the way through the present. Frankincense oil’s scent is warm and spicy and can create an uplifting aroma or can be used topically to soothe certain skin irritations and so much more.

Enchanting Eucalyptus

Native to Australia, the eucalyptus tree is an evergreen with several beneficial properties. Eucalyptus essential oil has a calming, woody aroma you can diffuse to create a soothing environment. Eucalyptus oil can also promote feelings of clear breathing, making it excellent to have on hand when you’re not feeling your best or need a relaxing environment to settle in.

Lively Lemon

Often, we think of lemon as a garnish for food and drink. But this citrus fruit offers much more than just enticing tastes for your palette. It can naturally cleanse surfaces and refresh the air. Diffuse lemon oil to create an invigorating environment, or you can add it to your homemade household cleaners for its cleansing powers. You can even add a drop or two to the water you drink each morning to help give yourself a natural boost.

Lovely Lavender

Essential oil from the lavender flower is one of the most widely used oils in modern times. This mystical herb has a sweet floral fragrance that helps promote a restful environment. Lavender helps soothe skin irritations. Fortunately, you can harness the power of lavender with one bottle of the pure essential oil.

Tenacious Tea Tree

Tea tree is a species of tree or small shrub common in Australia. Indigenous communities have used the tea tree leaves for centuries. With limitless applications, you can use tea tree oil to cleanse surfaces in your home, soothe occasional skin irritations, and refresh the air in your environment. This herbaceous green scent can offer an invigorating aroma.

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