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5 Major Reasons to lease Rap Beats

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A producer makes a beat and sells it in beat stores to make it available for the artist to purchase. In exchange for purchase, the artist gets a licence which gives him the right to use the Rap Beats in his song. There are two types of rights- exclusive and non-exclusive rights. When you own an exclusive right, there is no limitation. You can exploit the song as much as you want. Non-exclusive rights or leases have restrictions on streams and sales, and you need to renew them before expiry.

Non-exclusive rights are the best choice for beginners and independent artists. You can buy these rights and publish your song on different platforms like youtube,iTunes, and Spotify and make money from it. There are many types of non-exclusive rights. The most expensive rights among them offer a better quality of Rap Beats and more uses of rights.

When should you lease Rap Beats?

If you have very few views on your youtube channel or this is the first album you are releasing. Suppose you have a fanbase of fewer than 10000 people on all the social media platforms. Other reasons like a lack of knowledge of exclusive and non-exclusive licences.

Alternatives to exclusive rights

Unlimited Licences

It is one of the most expensive types of non-exclusive rights. You can buy it at a lower price than exclusive rights, and it offers benefits such as unlimited streams and sales. The profits are higher than any other licence. But producers can sell the same rights to others, and you need to renew the agreement after several years, which is a significant drawback of unlimited licences. 

Custom Beats

If you want something exclusive, you should buy Custom Rap Beats.

5 Reasons to lease Rap Beats 

  1. It benefits both producer and artist.
  2. You save lots of money and can use it in your subsequent album releases.
  3. There is lesser risk and higher reward
  4. If your song blows up, you always have an option to buy exclusive rights.
  5. You get the right to publish your music on all social media platforms at a much lesser price.

What if your song becomes a hit?

If you are fortunate enough and your song becomes a hit, you must buy exclusive rights. With exclusive rights, your music will have unlimited streams, and there will not be any expiry so that you can enjoy the usage of the beat for the rest of your life. You will have ownership of the Rap beats.

But since you are a beginner, you won’t have a loyal fan base, so you need to show your fanbase that you are not a one-time wonder. And for that, you need to make multiple album releases. With the money, you will buy one exclusive right; you can purchase numerous non-exclusive rights. You might end up making vast and unbearable losses if you buy exclusive rights. Don’t go ahead of the time and think you will only make hit albums.

When do we choose exclusive rights?

When you have signed a contract with a major label or have a publishing deal, there are other reasons like your fan base reaches upto 100K or you have some continuous 2-3 hits. Choosing exclusive and non-exclusive rights will also depend on your risk-bearing capacity.


If you are looking for an alternative to exclusive rights of Rap Beats, then an unlimited, non-exclusive licence is ideal. Still, if you wish exclusive rights, you must go for Cheap Exclusive Rights, which is budget-friendly.

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