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Dental problems in children are one of the biggest concerns for the majority of parents. Right from tooth decay to crooked or misaligned teeth, there are ample problems that affect the oral hygiene of a child. Whilst the majority of the tooth problems can be treated with 100 % perfection but unfortunately more than 20% of the kids between 2 to 11 years develop different tooth cavities and therefore, need braces. There are a lot of parents who are still not aware of the signs that clearly indicate that the child needs dental braces and in the end start searching “Who is the best dentist for kids near me?” If you too are among them, do not miss reading this article.

How to Know When Your Child Needs Braces?

Symptom 1 – Crowded or Crooked Teeth

As per dentists, parents should always supervise the oral health of their kid as they grow and schedule their monthly dental checkups. This will help the parents to easily identify the oral problems that their kid is facing such as crooked or crowded teeth. When there is no space left in the mouth for permanent teeth to adjust, in this case, braces are required. But, only a dentist can examine this and suggest a better solution.

Symptom 2 – Difficulty While Chewing Food

Healthy and well-developed teeth are always designed to fit in the mouth properly and facilitate the chewing and biting process. So, if your child is facing difficulty while chewing food or biting, they might definitely need dental braces. They are one of the effective solutions for correcting the teeth alignment that corrects the chewing and biting process. 

Symptom 3 – Incorrect Jaw Positions & Jaw Crossbites

Jaw misalignment is a condition where the teeth do not get properly lined up and make it difficult for a child to chew. Sometimes, this can also cause crossbites, underbites or overbites. This is a major indication that they have incorrect jaw positions and need braces as soon as possible. This is why it is always said that parents should take their child to a paediatrician from an early age because such problems become worse if not diagnosed and treated early. 

Symptom 4 – Protruding Teeth

In some of the cases, teeth stick out of the mouth and further causes problems and health issues. Such teeth are known as protruding teeth that often lead to biting of the roof of the mouth and causes tooth damage or gum recession. So, if you notice such signs of protruding teeth in your child, it is better to get them braces rather than waiting for the situation to get worse. 

Symptom 5 – Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking

Almost every child has a bad habit of sucking a thumb from an early age. But when such habits continue for long, they turn into dental issues. So, if your child also has such a habit even after the age of 5, it is better to take some immediate action because if this thing will continue for long, the upper jaw teeth will never properly touch the lower front teeth. To correct such problems, dentists always suggest wearing braces. 

These are some of the major symptoms that clearly show that your child does not have positive dental health and might be needing braces as soon as possible. So, instead of waiting for so long, it is better to take your child to the best pediatric dentist in Delhi or anywhere near your locality. The more you’ll, the more the situation will get worse. So, do not delay!


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