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Ready to take out your motorcycle on a spring ride? Have you done all the necessary maintenance that needs to be done before any long distance right? Perhaps not, but not to worry there is still enough time to do that, and with that in mind here are five basic motorcycle maintenance things that you can do at home without involving the mechanic. So, let's get started! 

  1. Start with the tyres: Are your tires up to mark given that the conditions have changed from winter to spring and the temperature is slightly getting hotter by the day? You need special tires to ride in winter conditions when the road temperatures are extremely cold, and the tires struggle to get good traction. But in the spring, and the hotter seasons, riding on winter tires can drastically decrease the mileage on your motorcycle. So, you need to reinstate the correct motorcycle tires not just to get good traction, but also to save money on the overall fuel expenses. If you already have a set of spring tires that you removed before the onset of winter, it's time to get those back on the motorcycle. Make sure to refill the tires with proper air pressure and check for signs of cracks or damage on the tires before installing them.  
  2. Change the oil filter: Oil filters are usually good enough for 10,000 kilometers or even less depending on the writing condition you find yourself mostly in. in dusty conditions which existed most of Middle East, and Southeast Asia, it might be a good idea to give your motorcycle a new oil filter an air filter as frequently as possible because these are not too costly and have a great role to play in improving their performance as well as keeping the motorcycle engine in perfect order. On top of that, fuels do come with contaminants which is something you simply do not want to get inside the motorcycle engine. With the proper air filter, and the oil filter- it will suddenly observe a good bump in the performance of the bike. 
  3. Refill new coolant: Revealing the motorcycle with a new coolant is a no brainer! With the rising temperature, the engine temperatures are more likely to increase as soon as you hit the road. On top of that come up with more people on the roads, traffic conditions will also become a leading cause of increasing temperature in the engines will stop so come up if it has been a while since you replaced the coolant in your motorcycle, this is the right time to do it.  
  4. Clean the chains: During the winter, the low temperature might have frozen and solidified the grease and lubricants on the chain. In order to remove all that gunk, using a chain cleaner to get rid of the solidified junk and clean the chain completely. This is something that you might want to involve the mechanic into if you are not completely sure how to remove the chain from the motorcycle if it has become extremely dirty and deposited with mud and solid junk. But in case you can do it yourself, nothing better, at the end of the cleaning cycle, apply a generous amount of change lubricant while making sure to rotate the tires with your hands. Word of caution here, many people put the bike onto the center stand and then into first gear and then apply the oil, which is a very risky proposition. Instead of doing that, switch off the motorcycle and rotate the rear wheel with your hands. This will ensure that every part of the chain gets a good amount of lubricant throughout which will ensure proper performance and longevity of the motorcycle chain.  
  5. Get a new helmet for spring: And finally, you need to need a best quality brand-new premium motorcycle helmet to ride a motorcycle during spring. With the rising temperature, you might want to put aside the full face premium branded motorcycle helmet that you have been using throughout the winters and get yourself an open face helmet that will keep you cooler even when the midday temperatures soar higher than your comfort levels. Make sure to get the best helmet that money can buy including all the necessary creature comfort and safety features innovative by the best helmet manufacturers in India.


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