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5 Must-Have Jodhpuri Suits in Every Man’s Wardrobes

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5 Must-Have Jodhpuri Suits in Every Man’s Wardrobes

Jodhpuri suits are ethnic outfits that were originally worn exclusively by kings, and the regal and sophisticated look that these suits provide justify that. While it is a very chic ethnic style to begin with, styling it correctly and doing the outfit justice would reap immense rewards.

Here Are Some Jodhpuri Suits That You Need to Have In Your Wardrobe.

  • Black Jodhpuri Suit

Choosing to wear black is an ever-reliable option when it comes to most types of clothing, like a waistcoat or pathani suit, and Jodhpuri suits are certainly no exception to this. It's said that black looks good on anyone, and this is one of the reasons it's among the most popular colors. Its versatility is unmatched, which means that you can also style it using a whole range of other colors and add-ons. A black Jodhpuri suit would pair well with classy cufflinks and a pocket square if you want to up the style.

  • Floral Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri suits with floral patterns tend to showcase a real flair and the bold fashion sense of the wearer. A floral patterned Jodhpuri suit can be further enhanced when paired with the right style and color of bottoms, depending on the look of the top. You might be best off accompanying it with a relatively plain pair of bottoms, perhaps in black or white. The floral pattern tends to awaken a festive and celebratory feeling while also maintaining great style.

  • Velvet Jodhpuri Suit

Velvet clothing, when done right, can be a thing of beauty. The same goes for velvet Jodhpuri suits. They give you the ultimate protection, keeping you warm and comfortable. The velvet fabric also tends to let the colors of the suit really shine and pop, making you the center of attention, while feeling cozy and confident. Velvet Jodhpuri suits can be worn for a variety of events, from weddings to big family events. They are the absolutely perfect style for the colder seasons, keeping you warm.

  • White Jodhpuri Suit

White is another very popular colour for men’s ethnic clothing, such as a sherwani or kurta pajama, and for Jodhpuri suits. White exudes elegance and sophistication, while giving off a vibe of clarity and confidence. The color also makes for a great complementary aspect for a number of different kinds of add-ons and accessories. A white Jodhpuri suit with works like embroidery, buttons, or even a brooch tend to form a harmonious and charming overall ethnic outfit. But even a plain white Jodhpuri suit can be the perfect embodiment for the age old saying, “Less is more”.

  • Jodhpuri Suit with Jute Jacket

A much less mainstream route you can take, is styling your Jodhpuri suit by wearing a jute jacket over it. This is a style and combination that isn’t as well known for Jodhpuri suits as most. A Jodhpuri suit that is made of a lighter fabric and breathable feel would be perfectly comfortable with a jute jacket with a shimmery look, making for a suave and unique outfit combination. Such a blend puts you in the limelight, and radiates confidence and charisma.


Overall, the Jodhpuri suit is a wonderful piece of ethnic clothing, similar to a waistcoat. With its roots embedded in royalty and class, you would certainly look the part sporting a regal Jodhpuri suit for a wedding or grand function. This work of art has “king” written all over it.



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