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If you’ve ever been stuck in a cycle of sluggish thinking, you’ve probably experienced “brain fog.” This term is used for a pattern of confusion, disorientation, and a lack of mental clarity. It’s a frustrating mental condition that may leave you irritable and feeling powerless. Brain fog comes with easily discernible causes, and equally as simple solutions. There are several modern solutions to get rid of your haziness, including a few natural supplements for brain fog. To figure out which solution is best for you, it’s best to examine your current habits and conditions. Cross-referencing your normal routines with the results of each supplement will help you determine the best fits.  

What Triggers a Foggy Brain?  

Your forgetfulness and lack of focus develops as a result of your current routine. The methods you use to take care of your mental and physical states have an enormous impact on your brain. Take a moment to consider your following habits regarding:  

Are you consuming well-rounded meals? Fruits and vegetables, especially, are an important part of your diet. Are you taking brain and memory power boost supplements? They can help fill in the gaps for any missing vitamins you may need to get through the day. 

What does your sleep schedule look like? Do you regularly sleep for at least 7 hours a night?   

You should try for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Start wherever you’re comfortable or able, until you can meet this goal.

Screen time.  
Experts recommend a maximum of 2 hours of daily screen time outside of working hours. If you find this difficult, you should at least turn off your screens 30 minutes before bedtime.

Are you overworking yourself? What does your work-life balance look like, and is it manageable? 

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? Do you have healthy methods of stress reduction?  

If you’re struggling with a hazy mental state, it might be time to adjust some of your habits. Reflect on which positive changes you could make and try to implement them in your day-to-day life to see better physical and mental results.  

Try These Supplements for Brain Fog  

When it comes to achieving a higher level of clarity and focus, you might need some help to meet your goals. There are several natural remedies to give your brain an extra boost and kick it out of its disoriented state. Brain health supplements are an easy way to give your mind and body the vitamins they need to thrive.   

Vitamin C 

This vitamin should be on your list when considering which brain health supplements to take. It’s connected to your central nervous system and brain as a neuromodulator. Vitamin C helps cells produce and use chemicals such as dopamine, generates brain cells, and maintains neural connections.   

Vitamin D 

Are you looking for a vitamin that supports your brain, immune system, and strengthens the body? Vitamin D is one of the best brain and memory power boost supplements. It is a neuro-protector that regulates the immune system and strengthens your bones. Research shows that supplementing your diet with vitamin D increases your attention, memory, and cognitive performance.  

Vitamin K 

Taking Vitamin K will reduce your nerve cell death since K vitamins fight harmful substances that threaten the brain. Studies of this vitamin show that it also reduces cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression.  

Vitamin E 

This vitamin is one of the brain health supplements geared towards reducing neuro-degeneration. Its primary function is to protect brain cells from damage related to oxidative stress by free radicals. Since the brain is extremely vulnerable to oxidative stress, taking vitamin E is one of the best ways to protect it, especially with age.  

Vitamin B 

One of the best supplements for brain fog you can add to your regimen is B6. Vitamin B increases the development of neurotransmitters in your brain. These transmitters are directly related to memory loss and cognitive decline. Regularly taking B6 may even help with mental diseases such as dementia.  

Finding the Right Fit 

Everyone’s mental state is unique and variable to his or her personal circumstances. The brain health supplements that are best for your mental wellbeing may vary from others, and it is best to carefully consider which areas of improvement you should focus on. Struggling with cognitive dysfunction disrupts your daily life? There are many brain and memory boost supplements to help combat the issues you are facing. If you need extra guidance, call us today at 615-933-5188 for the best supplements for brain fog 



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