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When you use Netflix, you commonly navigate to your favorite movie or TV show and enjoy them together with your friends and family. Besides providing you top-notch entertainment content, Netflix also has some exciting features that you might don’t know about. 

With such a powerful streaming service, you can do much more than just watching your favorite shows and movies. We are going to share some practical tips and tricks to use Netflix even more effectively. 

So without any delay, let’s go ahead and discuss these exciting tricks and tips. 

5 New Netflix Tricks You May Don’t Know

1. Use secret codes on Netflix

If you wish to explore more categories and more specific genres in entertainment, Netflix secret codes are for you. Using these codes, you can access very targeted and interesting content. Since Netflix has millions of content, it could be hard to find the particular type of shows and movies you like. Netflix private codes help you explore more content that you don’t see on its recommendations and categories. For example, you will be able to access intense comedy and other category content using the 869 secret code on Netflix. 

Now you might be thinking, how do I use a Netflix secret code, and where do I get them? 

  1. To use Netflix secret code, simply open a web browser on your computer and then open the Netflix website. 
  2. Make sure you are signed in to your account. 
  3. Now please type up the https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/ URL into the address box above. 
  4. You have to insert the particular Netflix secret code in the place of code.
  5. After that, you can load the URL by pressing the enter button. 

This is how you use a Netflix secret code 2 to access a particular category or a secret page on the streaming service. 

Here are some popular Netflix private codes that you can use to access more categorized content: 

  • Action and Adventure (1365)
  • Anime (7424)
  • TV Cartoons (11177)
  • Film Noir (7687)
  • Stand-up Comedy (11559)
  • Cult Comedies (9434)
  • Independent Dramas (384)
  • Japanese Movies (10398)
  • B-Horror Movies (8195)
  • Classic Musicals (32392)
  • Spy Action and Adventure (10702)
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy (1492)
  • Gangster Movies (31851)
  • Psychological Thrillers (5505)

2. Take TV shows and movies offline

You can also download the content so that you can access them when the internet is unavailable. This trick is more crucial for those who use a tablet with no cellular connection but only Wi-Fi. Whenever you lose your Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be able to enjoy your offline or downloaded content on Netflix. 

You can download any movie or TV show on your Netflix application to watch them offline. To do so, navigate to your Netflix application. Then find and select the downloads button from the bottom of the application interface. 

Now please look for the option that says ‘find something to download,' and press it. 

Now you will be able to see what movies and TV series are available to download. 

Select the one that you wish to download and take offline. Wait until the download finishes. Meanwhile, you can also download other shows and movies. If your device has small internal storage, downloading too many media files on your device from Netflix could fill up your internal storage. 

3. Access another country's Netflix content with a VPN 

Netflix and all other streaming services follow your country's guidelines and restrictions while providing you content. The content you are watching on Netflix in your country could be different from the content Netflix offers in other continents. However, you can break that barrier using a VPN and by selecting another country's location. You can use any high-quality VPN service to switch to other countries' virtual addresses. For example, you can access the US Netflix content by selecting US location in a VPN service. 

Accessing other countries' content on Netflix is as easy as enabling a VPN, selecting other countries' servers, and reopening the Netflix official website. Do you know that some particular movies and TV series are only available in specific countries like the US, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA and all? You will have to use a premium VPN service as Netflix doesn't let you access other countries' content with foremost free VPNs. 

4. Make multiple profiles for multiple users

Within a single Netflix premium account, you get an option to setup up to five Netflix user profiles. You can create profiles for each family member for your Netflix account. This will let you personalize your particular account. Other users of your account will also get their own recommendations and watchlist in the Netflix application if you make profiles for them. This is a huge benefit, but many people ignore it. You can also give your kids personal Netflix profiles and set some content limitations in their profiles. 

5. Watch Netflix in a virtual group 

If you wish to enjoy Netflix with your friends and family members that don't stay with you, you can host a virtual group Netflix party. The Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows users to host a virtual meeting with their friends to watch Netflix together as a group. You will be able to chat with your friends simultaneously as you watch movies and shows. 

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