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Making academic writing mistakes and having your paper marked down for it, doesn’t exactly fill your tutors and teachers with confidence, and leaves you with precious little to feel proud of. While such mistakes certainly aren’t uncommon, as a student, you’ll want to avoid making them if you can.

Below are 5 of the most common academic writing mistakes, and ones that you’ll definitely want to avoid making.

Note: if, after reading this, you’re still struggling and finding yourself making frequent errors, why not ask for help from a professional essay writing service, who will write something completely free of errors for you, and help you better understand how not to make them in the future.

A vague and non-descript thesis statement

General statements might be suitable at some point in an essay, but definitely not in your thesis statement. A good, stand-out thesis statement should go beyond merely explaining your point of view, to expressing your personal claim or perspective on the topic at hand.

Lack of sufficient evidence or facts

Firstly, choose your topic carefully and ensure that you have ample evidence and facts to support it, since this is one of the prime reasons for a failed thesis. Once you’ve selected a suitable topic, make sure that your ideas and opinion take a back seat behind strong evidence, facts and support.


It’s not enough to simply reel off a long list of facts to support your academic writing, you must explain how or why they demonstrate a point, and make your essay or thesis as original in this regard, as possible.

Rambling, confusing sentences

It’s easy for a point to become lost in a paragraph filled with long, rambling sentences, and oftentimes, short, concise sentences are more effective in getting a point across. While there may be a time for longer, more complex sentences, these should always be balanced out with shorter ones, and reading your work out loud to yourself (and ideally others, too) can make it easier to identify when you’re at risk of losing the readers interest and/or understanding with rambling sentences.

Poor or nonexistent revision and editing

You really can’t revise and edit your writing enough, and one advantage of using a writing service, is that this aspect of the essay or thesis is taken care of for you. However, should you choose to go it alone, make sure that you thoroughly revise and edit every piece of work, and check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and referencing style.

Avoiding making academic writing mistakes involves a lot of time spent revising, revisiting and editing your work, and not every student has the time to devote to this. If this is the case for you, why not try using a professional writing service, who will give you the chance to hand in personalized and technically sound academic work, while still being able to focus on other important elements of your life.


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