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5 OffBeat Email Marketing Stratergies For 2022

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The market of email marketing is aggressive. Here, brand marketers compete for inbox attention. The market will vary for these trends based on your brand’s niche and your corporate initiatives in 2022. 

Here are some offbeat Email Marketing strategies that might help you create a success story. 

Enough With Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection 

Now it’s time to finish the chat about blogging, webcasting, and solutions for Apple’s MPP. They are here to stay in the digital marketing industry, and their adoption rates are 97%, pretty hard to digest. 

Open rates are on ventilators and searching for a solution to make you feel better from your busy schedule to make you feel good. 

MPP is a great thing in the industry, but the focus should be on more useful stuff that can pay your bills. 

Using Data As You Mean It 

Email marketers are swamped by their data, but they don’t use it correctly to raise the stats. We have a list of first-party, second-party, third party, and zero party all around. Using this data in email marketing strategies has never been more complex, so the talks about the old trend need to stop, and the new fashion needs to add in the talks.  

Carefully draw the plan based on your data and execute it. The data can be as uncomplicated as the sign-up date, last interaction on the site, last-click, geo, or even last conversion. Utilize something with a higher than average impact with a lower than average inner level of hard work. Shift to the next test and use it as a new controller. 

Stop waiting for your analyst to have a quarter-long data analysis and try something new with that data. 

Email Sign Up Process

There are complaints about the number of emails they receive, but they are more irritated about the process of getting on the lists, which is disintegrated and filled with worries and vagueness around what they will get from a brand. 

People should not sign up for your email program and ask for feedback. This is the process they know. They know your brand and department; you need to see how responsive your email content is and the first email they receive. 

When you complete such a process, ask yourself that is this the user experience you want your subscribers to have. The high chances that the answer is no. Your new trend will do the job to make up for a no. 

Major judgment comes from the first glance of your website. Your 1st and 34th mail must be amazing and transparent; otherwise, subscribers will go in no time with reckless abandonment. 

Unsubscribe Links At The Top & Bottom of The Email 

You should avoid playing with your unsubscribe links in your email. The old design trends were so outdated 12 years ago. You cannot hide those links from the viewers for a longer time. They will find out and eventually make an example out of it, which will cause you brand damage on a few levels. 

EMbrace the unsubscribing. It’s time you put your unsubscribe link at the top and bottom of your email and make it a very obvious intention for a subscriber to unsubscribe and get off of your list. Brands should become more transparent and give options to the subscriber to get off. 

Three Word Subject Lines

There’s been a debate about the character/word length of subject lines among the ESPs for years, but there’s no conclusion. It’s time to start a new trend around subject lines in email marketing campaigns, and that trend should be to have only 3 words max. You can get your point represented in 3 words. 

Some of the 4 subject line examples following the trends are: 

  • Pop Culture Apparel Industry

Original Email Subject Line: 25% OFF – time’s running out

What it should be: Flash sale now.

  • Online Gifting Company

Original Email Subject Line: There’s Still Time To Save $$ On Holiday Shopping

What it should be: There’s still time.


Trends come and go in email marketing, but year after year, the trends of personalized emails AI, empathy, segmentation, interactivity, humanization, etc., play well in the market space. The issue with these trends is that they tend to de-focus marketers on stuff that matters, like experiences and deliverability, the building blocks of a solid email program that provides iterative gains to work.

If you are a startup, hire a good  Startup Marketing Consultant to help you with such issues. Ambitious caters to all kinds of such services. Drop in to have a chitchat. 

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