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The lash industry has been growing and becoming popular day by day. Like aestheticians, the demand for lash artists is everywhere. However, eyelashes are a sensitive part of the body; hence a lash artist must be professionally trained and certified to handle the lash extension process carefully and deliver flawless results. Education, lack of hand skills and concentration can lead to disastrous mistakes that a client can’t afford.

Fret not. An ample number of institutes are providing professional courses for eyelash extension training nowadays. So if an individual aspires to become a professional lash extension specialist, they need to enrol in one of the premium institutes and avail of either an online or an offline course. However, before joining an eyelash extension training program, here’s what you need to check.

Make sure you check a few points with the institute for a better outcome of your training course.

What Points Should be Checked Before Joining an Eyelash Extension Training Program?

1. Check the credentials of the trainer
While searching for lash extension training programs, you’ll be flooded with ads from different institutes and trainers. However, it would be best if you made a wise choice. Choose a trainer who has valid certification. Make sure that you choose a trained expert with real lash extension experience. Also, while enrolling in any training institute, ask about the credentials and certifications of the people who work there.

2. Enquire about the training manual
There are horror stories of individuals who have signed up for the lash training courses and have yet to receive a manual even after the completion. Avoid getting deceived by an endless number of promotions. Before enrolling yourself into an institution, make sure that you ask about the training manual first. It can be included in the package cost or charged separately. Whatever might be the process, a training manual is essential. It will help you perform the lash extension process skillfully once your training has been completed.

3. Check the details of the lash extension kit
This is another smart question you must ask the trainer for the institute before choosing them. The institute should provide a lash kit along with the training program. If they do, then enquire about the content of the lash kit. A classic lash kit generally contains lash trays, brushes, remover, primer, adhesive, tape, tweezers and scissors, pads and a professional lash case. Getting a lash kit will help you provide 30 – 50 services to your clients after completing the training.

4. Enquire about professional certification
This is the most important question before joining the training program. Enquire about the type of certification that the institute provides. With a valid certification, your training will seem useful. You need to know the type of certification the institute will provide you after the training has been completed so that you can use the same to join a reputed parlour.

5. Duration of the training program
This is a tricky question however you must know about the length of the training so that you can decide to join it accordingly. It is important to ask how many hours in a day you need to spend on the training programs. The answer will depend on the type of training you will avail. If you opt for online lash extension training, the hours will be less and more convenient per your schedule. On the contrary, if you opt for a physical lash extension training, it might take you days or even months to complete the same.

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