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The best family memories are made in theme parks where kids and parents can bond together while enjoying some rides. Usually, on weekends or during vacations, parents pack their minivans and take their kids to the nearest theme park so that they can have some fun family time. 

But, if you are not cautious during your theme park visit, you can experience some of the most horrifying memories of your life too. There are numerous Orlando theme park accident cases that have been recorded in the last few years. Mostly Orlando theme park accident cases – the main cause is negligence on the part of parents or theme park staff. 

Now, the reason could be anything, but it is very important to follow some preventive measures while visiting the theme parks. When kids and dangerous rides are mixed together, extra carefulness is highly important. Some of the common theme park prevention tips are –

Speak Up with Your Kids

If you want to avoid the Orlando theme park accident, you have to speak up with your kids and explain to them about all the safety guidelines. You need to tell your kids how to behave in the theme park and which rides they are allowed to take. Furthermore, you should speak up regarding the behavior of theme park staff also.

For example, if your kids found a ride operator talking on the phone while operating the ride, they should immediately tell them so that you can file a complaint about such inappropriate behavior. In short, you need to discuss all the guidelines with your kids before stepping foot into a theme park. 

Stay Connected with Your Kids

One of the important rules that you should teach your kids to prevent Orlando theme park accidents is to always stay connected. You should tell your kids not to wander off or talk to any stranger without your permission. When you visit theme parks, you should show your kids how theme park staff looks so that they should contact them in case of separation. 

When you are visiting the theme park in a big group, you should take a picture of your entire group before entering the theme park. This helps in finding your kid because most parents don’t even remember what clothes their kids were wearing. Thus, make sure that your kids are always in front of your eyes. 

Frequent Check-ins

If you have older kids who don't require constant monitoring, you can often check them and make sure that they are out of trouble. You should give mobile phones to your older kids so that you can easily track them. Furthermore, you should decide on a physical meet-up point where your kids can find you in case of an emergency. 

Proper Dress Up

One of the common theme park prevention tips would be dressing up appropriately. Now, you are going for a fun family day, so you don’t have to wear formal clothes, but you need to wear appropriate occasion clothes. For example, you should not wear loose clothes because they can easily get stuck in rides and cause accidents. Next, you should wear proper shoes for extra safety instead of flip flops. 

Stay Hydrated

You should frequently drink water while enjoying theme park rides because constant exposure from the sunlight and spinning rides can make you sick. Thus, you should have a water bottle in your and your kid's backpack so that you can stay hydrated. You should advise your kids to drink water after 20 minutes to maintain the proper hydration level. 

Accidents are unavoidable – even if you follow all the Orlando theme park accident prevention tips, still you or your kids can meet with accidents. So, if you ever meet with a theme park accident, you should contact the best claim settlement lawyers of Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis and protect your family. Follow all the theme prevention tips always, but if you meet with an accident, just give us a call. 


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