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5 Projects in India which has used Aluminium Composite Panel

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Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) have become popular in recent years and will continue to serve the construction industry in the future. It has a non-aluminium core fastened between two aluminium sheets coated with PVDF.

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) have appeared as a dynamic and versatile building material due to their impact on the project's aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. India is famous for its rich architectural heritage and modern design ingenuity, and Aluminium Composite Panels create remarkable structures that seamlessly blend form and function. Therefore, modern architects and designers are creating breathtaking art, including airport terminals, iconic temples, bustling businesses, and more. Each undertaking accomplishes the remarkable versatility of ACPs that display the Indian architectural landscape.

So today, we will discuss 5 Projects in India that have used Aluminium Composite Panel – Let’s get started!

5 Exceptional Indian Projects Enhanced by Aluminium Composite Panels

These are some of the following projects that include the vital contribution of ACP sheets:

1. The Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

If you are an architect or planning a major project in India, you may know about Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2. – a symbol of architectural brilliance in India. In 2014, this creative and artistic terminal made sustainable use of Aluminium Composite Panels to enhance its visual appeal.
The report states that T2 can tackle over 40 million passengers annually. It also becomes necessary for the government to maintain its structural integrity and appearance.

ACP sheets offer resistance to:

  • Corrosion
  • Weathering
  • UV radiation.
  • It ensures that T2 remains strong and pristine even after years of exposure to the elements.

2. Green Palladia, Surat

Green Palladia stands as a creative commercial venture in the Palanpor region of Surat acquiring a total area of 10,000 square metres. The Sardhara Group have crafted this adhering to the highest safety standards in both its structural integrity and architectural design. Its exterior displays the use of top-rated fire-retardant Class B aluminium panel sheets that guarantees utmost safety and durability. The project includes an inclusive colour palette highlighting captivating shades such as Walnut Wood and Egg White.

3. West Port, Pune

Located in Pune, West Port is a dynamic commercial structure that portrays a remarkable architectural gem in the region. Valued for its unconventional structural design, West Port is popular for its captivating blend of colours, including shades of grey, white, and Corten Steel-inspired Aluminum Composite Panels.
Architects create a mesmerising contrast with this deliberate choice of ACP sheet design to enhance its overall visual aesthetics. Besides, the touch of rustic allure to the building offers robust protection against the elements and environmental pollutants.

4. The Infosys Campus, Pune

Infosys is one of India's leading IT services companies that holds reliability for its commitment to sustainable and innovative architecture and designs. The Infosys campus in Pune is a prime example of extensive use of Aluminium Composite Panels that adds a modern touch and aligns with Infosys's green building initiatives.
The main concern of today's entrepreneurs or designers is maintaining the environmental significance of the property. The sustainability statistics reveal that Infosys follows significant energy savings rules that have reduced its carbon footprint.
ACP sheets have contributed to these achievements by providing insulation and thermal efficiency that reduces the energy necessary for heating and cooling. This sustainable and eco-friendly method benefits the surroundings and long-term cost savings.

5. The DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Gurgaon's DLF Cyber City is a swarming business district that houses multinational corporations and companies. The domination of Aluminium Composite Panels in the design of contemporary glass and steel structures reflects the success of DLF Cyber City as a thriving business hub.
ACP offers a budget-friendly cladding solution that elevates the visual appeal of the buildings. Combining aluminium composite panels with glass and steel provides a professional atmosphere pleasing to businesses and employees.

Bottom Line

Aluminium Composite Panels have been utilised in numerous prestigious projects across India that showcase the practical benefits of ACP and its versatility as a building material. From defining the exterior to creating shapes and adding textures in interiors, ACP has penetrated into the construction industry. Therefore, ACPs will remain crucial in shaping India’s skyline and infrastructure.


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