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Yin Yoga poses last a little longer than other Yoga poses, that is why you need something to support your pose or your body in the right place during the lengthy pose. During the Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses for Yin Yoga Certifications, you are taught about the props and how to use them. The basic function of all the different props that are used during the Yin Yoga poses, is to keep your body in place and provide external support.  

This is very helpful in avoiding any type of injuries during the process, this also protects your muscles from being stretched. There are a lot of Props and they all are used for the different poses. But there are some props that you need for almost any pose in Yin Yoga, these props are an essential part of your Yoga kit and you must have them whenever you are starting to practice Yin Yoga. 

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Below is the list of the 5 Props that you mostly need for Practicing Yin Yoga. 

  1. Cushion: Cushions are very helpful during the longer poses of Yin Yoga. They are mostly used to provide support to your muscles. They are mostly used when you are doing a pose that requires a curvy position of your body.  

  1.  Straps: Straps are used for providing extension and resistance. They help you keep your posture in the same place. They are also used for creating a balance so that you will be able to stay in the pose correctly. 

  1.  Bolsters: The Bolsters are very important; they help lower the pressure on your bones. During the practice of some Yin Yoga poses, you need to provide support to your bones and for this purpose, bolsters are used.  

  1.  Sandbags: The use of small sandbags during the practice of certain Yin Yoga poses, is very common. Their purpose is to add some weight to certain places so that your body remains in the pose. The weight helps you suppress the body movement during the pose as well.  

  1.  Yoga Matts: Yoga Matts are used in all of the Yoga poses; you need a yoga mat to practice any of the Yin Yoga poses. You put the mat on the floor and perform all your poses on that mat. 

How to use Props for Yin Yoga Practice? 

You must know all about the use of all kinds of props during the practice of Yin Yoga so that you can do your poses more efficiently. During the courses of Yin yoga certification, you are provided all the basic information that you need to have about these yoga poses that require the use of props. Apart from this, they also teach which props should be used for which position and where to place that prop during the pose. You can get all that knowledge from the Yin Yoga Teacher Training course and Yin Yoga Certification courses, Also you can check 50 Hours Yin Yoga course details here – https://www.arhantayoga.org/50-hour-yin-yoga-teacher-training/.  



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