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It is summer, and if you have an SUV, it might be time to start considering getting a set of tyres made for warmer weather. There are various pros and cons associated with having specially made SUV tyres in the summertime that should be considered before making any purchase. Whether you focus on improving fuel efficiency or gaining better traction on those hot roads, you will want to assess how different tyre designs can affect performance and safety this upcoming season.  

As the sun shines brighter and warmer weather arrives, have you considered switching out your SUV tyres to maximize their performance during summer? You can buy SUV tyre in Dubai for better grips. Learn more about all the benefits as well as potential drawbacks. 

Improved Traction  

SUV tyres are designed to provide better traction on various surfaces, including wet and dry roads. This means you will have better drive over your vehicle and reduce the risk of accidents. 

Longer Life  

SUV tyres are built to withstand the weight and size of an SUV, which can cause regular tyres to wear out more quickly. Therefore, having SUV tyres can provide longer tyre life, saving you income eventually. 

Increased Comfort  

For those long-distance road trips, SUV tyres offer a more tranquil experience. Their wider tread pattern cushions your ride to provide an added comfort level – perfect for tackling rough roads! 

Enhanced Stability  

The larger size of an SUV can make it more difficult to maintain stability when driving at higher speeds. Therefore, SUV tyres are designed with a stiffer sidewall and stronger construction to help maintain stability and reduce the risk of rollovers. 

Better Off-Road Performance 

If you plan off-roading in your SUV during the summer, SUV tyres are a must-have. These tyres are built to provide improved traction and longevity on unpaved roads and rough terrain. 

Drawback Of Having SUV Tyres 

While there are several benefits to having SUV tyres in the summer, there are also some potential drawbacks, including: 

Reduced Fuel Efficiency  

SUV tyres are heavier and have a larger tread pattern, which can lead to reduced fuel efficiency. This can be especially noticeable if you frequently drive on the highway or in areas with much stop-and-go traffic. 

Increased Noise  

SUV tyres often have a wider tread pattern so that they can be noisier than standard tyres. This can be especially visible when driving on smooth roads or at prominent speeds. 

Higher Cost  

Need to upgrade the tyres on your SUV? Be prepared for a more costly investment than with standard-sized rubber – larger and designed specifically for SUVs, and these power-packed tyres come at an extra cost. Replacing all four simultaneously could be quite an expense! 

Limited Winter Performance  

While SUV tyres can provide better traction on wet and dry roads in the summer, they may not be as effective in winter weather conditions. Therefore, if you live in an area with harsh winters, you may need to invest in specialized winter tyres for optimal performance and safety. 

Rougher Ride  

SUV tyres are often designed with a stiffer sidewall and stronger construction to provide a rougher ride than standard tyres. This can be especially noticeable on bumpy or uneven roads. 

Wrap Up 

Having SUV tyres in the summer can be beneficial or detrimental due to the numerous factors discussed. On the one hand, their added grip and stability on off-road terrain can make otherwise dangerous paths passable and manageable; however, that same grip paired with the dry summer heat can drastically reduce tyres' lifespan. The driver needs to analyse their own needs when deciding if it is necessary to upgrade car tyres to special sport utility vehicles.  

Consider where you drive most frequently, research diverse types of tyres, tyre sizes and price comparisons between them, and what benefits they bring. Considering all this information will help you purchase the perfect new set of tyres for your car! 



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