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Imagine, you decorate every corner of your home with the best furniture, beautiful upholstery, and exquisite showpieces, but the most vital thing that acts as a background and plays a crucial role in enhancing all the home décor looks patchy and dull. This is precisely why you should invest in white cement to get those perfect white pristine walls. Before buying any white cement, it is especially important to check the quality of the cement that shall be used on the site. Let’s have a look at some of the quality checks you need to ensure while purchasing white cement.

Cement Quality Parameters:

Here are the five quality checks that one should keep in mind while purchasing white cement:


It is the basic color criterion that one needs to be mindful of. The white cement that is widely sold in the market is only 80-84% white whereas Birla White Cement is more than 89 % white according to the Hunter Whiteness scale


The fineness of the cement determines how durable it is going to be. The finer the cement the more surface area it will cover, and the texture of the resultant product will be better. Birla White cement has a superior fineness of 370-400 Blaine.


The strength of the cement has to be kept in mind. High compressive strength will protect the structure against shocks and constant exposure to extreme weather conditions

Date of Packing & ISI mark

It is important to check the manufacturing date because if the cement is too old it will lead to weak structures making it less durable.

Best use before- 3 months from date of manufacture

Presence of lumps:

The cement should be touched to see if it’s cool and if there is no hydration reaction in the bag. The absence of lumps will ensure that no setting has taken place.

Benefits and Applications of White Cement:

The benefits and applications of white cement are multifold. It protects your walls from extreme weather conditions, such as rain and sun exposure, making it suitable for both exterior and interior walls. It is also used for decorative floors, for creating different wall textures and for creating ornamental motifs.

All you need to know about White Cement and Grey Cement

  • White cement is quite like grey cement. They have a lot of identical qualities except the color.
  • Grey cement is used for bricklaying and for many construction purposes whereas white cement is used for giving the perfect finish to the walls and in many concrete structures.
  • It provides a uniform color palette which is perfect for applying paints.
  • They are also used for architectural and artistic purposes. Furthermore, white cement differs from grey cement with respect to texture, its fineness and price. Grey cement can be easily manufactured; therefore, it costs less.

White Cement

  • White cement is also often confused with wall putty. Although they have some similar practical applications, they differ to a great extent.
  • Both are used to give finish to the walls and bring out the true tone of the color of the paint it is applied over. They act as a strong shield against the outer disturbances which could be caused by the outer environment and are applied to fill the cracks and patches in walls and in providing strength to the structure.

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Application of White Cement and Grey Cement

Now that we know the differences between wall putty, white cement and grey cement, we can look at its multiple uses.

It is widely used in decorative concrete structures and walls. The whiteness and versatility of the material make it suitable for decorative structures for both interior and exterior walls, even the plaster that is used for ornamental ceilings has white cement as one of its major components. It is also used in recast molds as it is not feasible for construction.

However, some premium construction projects do prefer white cement for its benefits. It can be used to spruce up your floors by combining it with different materials and employing it to create various designs.

For example, it can be used in designer flooring and to create mosaic tiles, to decorate exterior floors it can also be used in Paver tiles.

It is used to accentuate marble floors which could lose their sheen and whiteness when planted over grey cement. It also has various when it comes to decorative walls. You can use it to create stonecrete walls and give a grit wash and Tyrolean finish to the walls. Its ornamental usage is multifarious as it can be used to create statues, garden fountains, various artifacts, and beautiful urns and flowerpots.

If you want the perfect quality of white cement for your home, it is imperative to understand some of its properties and to do a preliminary inspection of a few basic things to make sure that there is no fault in the resultant product you are using it for.

The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind is the manufacturer and the brand that you are choosing. Any compromise on it could greatly impact the result you are expecting, choosing a renowned and trustworthy brand will ensure that you don’t compromise on the whiteness and strength of the structure you are using it for.

Which white cement is best to be used before painting?

Birla white which is the largest brand for cement in India follows the highest quality standards when it comes to its products. It is known for its whitest white cement.

You can be completely carefree of the whiteness quotient because Birla white cement has the highest refractive index which makes for the whitest white that is practically possible when it comes to white cement It is made through advanced technology keeping in mind the fineness of the cement that will result in a smooth finish.

With Birla white cement you can be assured that the product you are using it for has the perfect whiteness, tensile strength, and finish.

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