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Augmented and virtual reality technologies in real estate are more popular than in other business sectors. AR, VR, and 3D technologies work effectively not only in marketing but also in solving sales problems, for example, when the customer lives in another location far from the desired property.

According to research by Barkley and VRTech, over 80% of customers agreed that the implementation of VR helps them make their final purchase decision. 

Below are 5 main questions about the implementation of AR, VR, and 3D technologies in the real estate business and whether they are really needed. 

1. Is augmented reality affecting real estate sales?

The answer is definitely yes, augmented reality affects real estate sales. Using augmented reality you can show the house on the website and the customer will have no questions about the house design, landscape, and backyard. The less space for the customers’ imagination, the fewer worries they have. 

Thanks to technology, everything is visible, understandable, so only positive impressions remain. This makes the customers make a decision faster. You can be sure that most of them will decide on your offer already during the first visit. So have an experienced real estate accountant in your office to solve legal questions as soon as possible. 

2. Is augmented reality suitable for all types of real estate?

Visualization is suitable for absolutely all types of real estate. It is especially helpful in situations when you need to see how a particular object will look like. Moreover, this can be important not only for the customers but also for the architect or designer.

Augmented reality can be used to make visualizations for architects. You can try different materials to choose which one is better to use. Of course, architects can use sketches or collages. But sometimes even professionals have doubts, and here augmented reality excellently resolves them.

3. How quickly does a customer make a purchasing decision compared to traditional options like photos or videos?

Here, probably, it is not entirely correct to compare 3D with photos and videos, since they are used in fundamentally different situations. If the object has already been built or renovated, then it is not necessary to use a three-dimensional image because it is much cheaper to shoot everything live.

3D, on the other hand, is mainly used when a building, apartment, office, or restaurant exists only in the project or needs to be finished. Previously, designers drew projects by hand or made models of the building. These days, 3D allows you to convey the author's idea as realistically as possible while saving time and effort.

4. What are the possibilities in the virtual demonstration that are not present in the real demonstration?

If buyers come for a real inspection during the day, then they see everything only in daylight. With the help of 3D visualization, you can show how everything looks at night or, for example, in summer-winter-autumn. For apartments, there is an opportunity to show different design options, and for a residential complex – a bird's-eye view. It looks exciting and does not leave anyone uninterested.

5. What other products or services are recommended for real estate business owners?

First of all, this is a virtual fitting. Your customers won’t have to visit the property personally. Wearing virtual reality glasses, the customer will be able to walk around the house or see apartments. Visual tours are another great option for the real estate business. The ability to walk around, go inside, and look around is a great way to plunge into the atmosphere of the future home.

And, of course, a 3D plan. Now, most building companies on their websites have apartment plans in the form of drawings that don’t give a complete understanding. A 3D plan can give you an image of what the furniture looks like, how much free space in the apartment, and so on. 


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