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5 questions you need to ask when booking a roadworthy inspection for a truck in sunshine coast.

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A vehicle safety check is a must for vehicle insurance. The buyer of your car needs assurance about the actual health of the vehicle before making the purchase decision. The truck inspection process can become tiring and hectic if the parties involved do not have a clear idea of what it requires.

The roadworthiness of a vehicle:

Roadworthiness is the ability of the truck, car, or any automobile to meet acceptable standards of heavy vehicle inspection. Your vehicle must be in operating condition and perfectly safe for driving. The main aim of the truck inspection is to minimize road accidents and improve road safety for everyone.

Questions you need to ask when booking a roadworthy inspection for a truck:

1) What are the steps of the vehicle inspection process?

The process involves four steps:

  • Verification of details of the owner and the car 

Details like VIN, year of manufacture, and model are verified.

  • Well documentation of preliminary tasks.

The inspector must check if the car and engine start or not before accessing other vehicle parts.

  • Physical inspection

There is a checklist that your vehicle must pass to clear the heavy vehicle inspection. The list includes doors, tires, windshields, mirrors, and other tiny components

  • Check for hidden damages

Some damages are not visible to the naked eye. Through artificial intelligence, inspectors investigate this kind of damage.

2) What should you do before giving your vehicle for inspection?

It will help if you pre-inspect your vehicle before sending it for a roadworthiness check. You must consider a few things to ensure the clearance of heavy vehicle inspection. Check brakes, bumpers, horns, seatbelts, defroster, and heating. Proper working of lights and mirrors is also very crucial. Examine the steering mechanism, clutch, and tires so that if you find any loophole, you can put your car in repair before the inspection. In addition to the above-mentioned vehicle inspection checklist, don't forget to check the battery, signals, and gearbox.

3) Why is heavy vehicle inspection necessary?

Safety is the utmost priority of every individual. Resolving the safety issue before it becomes hazardous is very crucial. Vehicle inspection is a visual and physical examination of a vehicle before you start using it. Heavy vehicle inspection is more cost-effective than repairs and increases the lifespan of a car. If you do not maintain your vehicle, you will not achieve any considerable amount while selling the car.

4) How to obtain a roadworthy certificate in victoria?

If you wish to obtain a roadworthy certificate sunshine coast, your vehicle must pass the inspection test done by the licensed vehicle tester. Before the test, you must submit all the required documents. This certificate is valid for 30 days after its date of issue.TMR is a licensed vehicle testing station for the truck inspection and every other heavy vehicle inspection.

5) What happens if you fail the vehicle safety check?

If the certified inspector finds any default in your vehicle, then your vehicle will fail the test. To pass the test, you need to fix the issues. As you know, repairs are costlier than maintenance, and their cost depends on the type of fault and condition of the vehicle. For reexamination, you have to apply again for the heavy vehicle inspection.


You must consider all the above questions before applying for a vehicle safety check.TMR performs complete damage assessment at a faster rate with better accuracy. If you wish for a smooth heavy vehicle inspection, visit our site soon.

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