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5 Reason of Why Air Quality Testing is Important

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The “loaded” environments at work and / or at home, itching, general malaise … they correspond to sensations that we can have in these spaces of coexistence so close and that in turn can be explained from a scientific point of view.

Problems of poor ventilation, excess temperature, low humidity levels, load of bacteria and fungi, viruses, and noises.

Indoor air assessments aim to determine what factors are causing that loss of comfort and overall quality in the air we breathe.

Do you want to know how to measure the air quality of the interior of a home or office? In that case, it is important that you have a reliable environmental analysis laboratory on hand, so that it can offer you the indoor air quality testing services.

Let's see what it consists of:

The Importance of Measuring Indoor Air Quality

What is this indoor air quality testing? Why is it important? The quality of the indoor environment is something that is increasingly the order of the day. And beware, because it is not a coincidence.

Indoor environments can inhabit fungi, bacteria, polluting particles, etc. If they are not measured or eliminated, they can have a negative impact on people's health. That is, allergic reactions, asthma, infections or other problems.

The fact of measuring the quality of the air environment is, therefore, important to prevent diseases that may derive from it. That is, it is mainly oriented to the prevention of health.

How do all these particles and bacteria arise? In many ways; of the closed environment itself, electronic equipment, presence of pests, of the interrelation with other human beings. An example of this is air conditioning systems, which can give rise to microbes. Where? In the places where they are present: industries, offices, homes, etc. Its adequate control is essential to have information regarding the growth and dispersion of agents harmful to health.

Of course, this inconvenience does not have to occur. What's more, it can be evaluated and measured from time to time to see its status and avoid it. How? With air quality meters or indoor air quality monitoring service. In this way, an exhaustive analysis of the state of hygiene of the facilities can be made.

Reasons why air quality testing is important: 

  1. Increased productivity: It is not one of the benefits that are usually had with indoor life with clean air, but it is of paramount importance to encourage offices and business buildings to install ventilation systems that improve the quality of life of people. With a good installation that renews the air in a work area, the comfort of the workers improves. They feel more relaxed and can work better. That translates into increased productivity in the office.
  2. Greater concentration: At home, we are also more focused and attentive if we breathe quality air. Whether to read a book or to spend some time with the family, breathing a better air we will notice that it costs us less to find concentration.
  3. Less stress and anxiety: Did you know that anxiety and stress have a direct relationship with the air you breathe? If you enjoy a good quality in the environment, you will be less prone to anxiety and you will stress less.
  4. Less strong odours: Whether in the bathrooms, in the kitchens or also in the rooms. With good ventilation and quality air, we forget to get home and notice that stench of closure that is so unattractive.
  5. Respiratory health: The last point because it is perhaps the most obvious, but perhaps also the most important. Breathing quality air is not filling your body with poisons. In addition, to avoid lung problems and even colds, it is highly necessary.

Some additional reasons to go for Air Quality test by SMSLA: 

  • Clean air generates a sense of revitalization by giving us back physical energy and mental clarity, by reducing the levels of CO2 in the blood.
  • Breathing pure air helps boost our immune system, reducing the chance of allergic disorders, respiratory conditions and asthma.
  • By breathing clean air, it is possible to eliminate a large number of accumulated toxins, and dead cells, daily in our body.
  • Pure air rebalances the vital functions of all our vital organs, helping the fastest recovery from diseases thanks to cellular oxygenation, while avoiding many infections produced by breathing in closed environments contaminated with viruses.
  • Clean air helps cell regeneration by favouring the production of antioxidant mechanisms, such as collagen and elastin among others, and delaying cellular aging, and the deterioration of our aesthetic appearance.



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