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5 Reason why bigg boss is a Must Watch Show

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When we talk about reality show bigg Boss is one of the very famous shows which give this name to the show in India. Bigg Boss gives a platform for different celebrities as well as common people who want to be celebrities in front of their audiences. 

The Big Boss Show is one of the most popular reality TV shows. The show has gained enormous popularity among youngsters because of its top rated contestants, hot debate and love angle. In India the Big boss Show is a fictional TV show that depicts the life of people in an open area confined in a house and showing their real feelings, emotions and conflicts.

As the season starts we eagerly waiting who are the big boss 2016 contestants with list and names Right!!. Isn’t we? 

Here are 5 Reason why bigg boss show is so famous

1-  Big Boss is a Show for observing Human Behavior and watching real people confined into one place under surveillance 24 hours interacting with different people. 


2-  The show is a perfect combination of drama, reality and fun. In fact, that is how BB came into the names of must-watch-show on television. It's a fantastic show with no dull moments, absolutely everyone watches it and everyone has his/her opinion about each one of the contestants and their antics. Well, you don't need to be an avid watcher to know what is happening on BB because this article will serve you as a most informative guide to tell you reasons why you should watch Bigg Boss.

3-  Any reality show must TRP to get the return of investment. To get TRP, the show must be popularized among the people, and no one is going to watch the show without any hype in its initial days. And so I firmly believe that celebrities are the right choice as contestants and it grabs viewers' attention towards the big boss. 

4) Disputes and fights :

5) Some interesting tasks and games

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