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If your organization is looking for ways to save time and money by partnering with a CRO for your next drug development project, find an integrated CRO/CDMO. Typically, an integrated CRO/CDMO can help you with lead candidate decisions, safety assessment, early clinical development, and potentially even through the manufacturing process. As a result, this partnership can help streamline otherwise complex development processes. Here are some reasons you might want to choose an integrated CRO/CDMO partner for your drug development.

Fewer Hand-Offs

When you partner with the same CRO/CDMO from lead candidate selection through to first in human trials, there are fewer hand-offs and fewer partners to bring up to speed. When the CRO/CDMO team knows that you will need to do CNS clinical trials early on, it is much easier to account for all the necessary details and plan for subsequent steps in your study. Having a dedicated, cross-functional team to support you means easier scheduling, making for a simplified, seamless experience.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Using siloed teams across multiple companies for studies and manufacturing can lead to ineffective communication. Inefficient communication channels can lead to longer development times and even potential budget problems. Having an integrated CRO/CDMO with GMP manufacturing capabilities means the team knows your objectives and milestones from the beginning of the process. That way, every team can work in tandem toward your goals. This ensures efficient progress throughout each step of manufacturing and into your clinical trial.

Resources for Drug Development

An integrated CRO/CDMO likely has the majority of resources you need for your drug development project, such as manufacturing facilities and Phase 1 clinical trial units for overnight studies. This also means they likely have teams with expertise in everything from recruiting strategies and retention to actually conducting clinical trials. Choose a CRO/CDMO with cross-trained teams to ensure the process is as streamlined as possible.

Recruiting Capabilities

An integrated CRO/CDMO that has worked with you from the beginning of your project will be in a better position to help you recruit for clinical trials. The recruiting team will get prepared way before your study starts. They will understand what you need in potential participants and how to recruit the right people. Plus, if you partner with a CRO/CDMO that has a robust existing database of potential participants to pull from, you can save time and streamline the process even further.

Teams to Support Your Goals Every Step of the Way

With completely integrated drug development teams, you can enjoy maximum transparency and communication as your drug moves through each phase of the project. Teams can easily share information, which would otherwise have to be transferred from one partner to another. This also means you won’t have to explain your organization’s goals, preferences, and other vital information for development and decision-making to multiple partners.

About Altasciences

Altasciences is a mid-sized drug development solution company that offers more than 25 years of research experience for your preclinical studies and clinical trials. As an integrated CRO/CDMO, Altasciences’ innovative approach has built a foundation that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have come to rely on. Altasciences guides clients through the drug development process with custom program roadmaps, from lead candidate selection to early clinical development to manufacturing. Partners also gain expertise in a variety of study types and therapeutic indications. Altasciences has key experience in CNS clinical trials, first-in-human clinical trials, and Ethnobridging. The CRO/CDMO provides partners access to dedicated Phase 1 clinical trial units across North America in both the USA and Canada. Their resources include access to over 580 beds, a recruiting database of more than 400,000 potential participants, and an experienced, highly trained staff. If your organization needs dedicated and integrated CRO/CDMO services, Altasciences is the perfect choice.

Partner with Altasciences for a unique, integrated drug development experience at https://www.altasciences.com/

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