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Hazardous materials are important supplies in our daily lives. The hazmat category, which includes everything from cosmetics and household goods to chemicals, oil, and batteries, is a distinct segment of freight that requires regulatory compliance and safety measures. 

Spill containment pallets are critical storage solutions that deal with liquid hazardous materials, particularly oils, fuel, waste products, and chemicals. A spill pallet is simply treated as a steel pallet or stillage with an integrated spill tray. On top of a grate, liquid storage drums can be placed. Spill pallet is a very common product with which we have to deal nowadays. Oils and chemicals require a method to immediately capture a leak from a chemical drum so that the spill does not reach the environment. Spill pallets are the solution for containing drum leaks and spills before they become uncontrollable.

The transportation of hazardous substances poses significant financial, environmental, and health risks, so a strong legislative infrastructure is required to reduce the risk of accidents occurring while such substances are being transported. They also have a wide variety of shipping pallets that are specifically designed to catch and contain liquid spillage as it occurs.  Here are five reasons why to use spill containment pallet when transporting hazardous materials:

  1. Spill cleanup can be extremely expensive and time-consuming: The spill pallets’ built-in sump collects spills and leaks, making cleanup relatively simple while protecting both workers and the environment. It is  a good way to save time, money, and effort while reducing risk.
  2. Spill pallets act as a safety barrier for workers and detect small leaks and drip: Even a small leak or drip of many hazardous materials can pose a serious threat to health and safety—and they aren’t always easy to notice and catch in time. Moving a leaking hazardous material pallet can result in serious injury to your workers
  3. The spill pallet models from air-sea are simple to move and store in a standard warehouse setup: Spill containment pallets are designed easily to be using standard warehouse equipment such as a forklift or pallet jack. This makes them easy to store and takes up little space when not in use.
  4. Spill pallets are an excellent long-term investment: Spill containment pallets are made of tough materials that will withstand repeated use. Spill pallets made of polyethylene and steel have a tough, rugged construction, making them an excellent investment in the safety and financial security of any business.
  5. Spill pallets are available in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs: There is always a suitable model of the pallet to meet your needs, regardless of size or material against corrosion, temperature, and so on.

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