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Infertility is a chronic disease that affects anyone who doesn’t take care of their health and creates problem for women to get pregnant. There are many factors of infertility that can affect you and your partner’s life. To get relief, consulting a doctor is a good idea.

If you and your partner are trying to conceive a baby for more than one year but are unable to achieve pregnancy, then you both need to visit an infertility specialist in siliguri to get a cure. Among many, there are 5 reasons to visit an infertility specialist such as:

Over Age

Infertility issues mostly occur in women after 35 years of age or later. Poor lifestyle choices, eating fast foods, not doing exercise regularly, and many others can affect infertility.

As a result, infertility occurs and affects pregnancy later in life. To avoid such problems, maintain a balanced routine to prevent any problems, visit your nearby IVF centre as early as possible.

Multiple Miscarriages

If you have experienced a miscarriage, then there is a chance you might be infertile. A miscarriage means the loss of a pregnancy, is a condition when the fetus isn't developing as expected.

The risk of miscarriages will get started for women aged 35 years or more. The risk of miscarriage gets higher as you get aged. To avoid this, consult a doctor and then go for IVF treatment.

No Conception

When a male sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg inside her body, it starts developing into a baby. But, sometimes, due to infertility, many couples are unable to conceive their baby after several attempts within one year. Consulting an infertility specialist in siliguri is a good idea for an ultimate solution.

Medical Issues

Sometimes, chronic medical issues can affect you and your partner to unable to achieve parenthood. In most cases, people with heart disease, diabetes, thyroid condition, hypertension, kidney disease, and genetic disorders affect their life. To get the solution, consult your infertility specialist in siliguri and start family planning today.

Period Problems

If you have infertility, you might experience either there is no period, or there is no ovulation. As a result, irregular periods can cause by an ovulation disorder. Bleeding between periods is also an indication of a cervical problem.

Whether you are male or female, the risk of infertility can be avoided after visiting the IVF clinic. With IVF, pregnancy complications can be improved and you can conceive your baby successfully. With the IVF process, today many couples successfully conceived and live their life happily.


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