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5 Reasons Why Marketing Is Shifting To Digital Marketing – and You Should Too

Over the past few years, marketing has been changing. Every customer, businessperson, and marketer can attest to that. A swift movement towards digitizing the activity is being observed through the rise of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing techniques make use of digital and online media for marketing communication. It has been almost revolutionary in studying consumer behavior through data analysis, thus helping businesses to sell (and resell) to customers through customized strategies and campaigns.

Some channels on which digital marketing techniques are commonly used are: 

  • Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Email

  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

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Why is digital marketing revolutionary for businesses? Here are the reasons:

  1. Digital marketing techniques have a lower cost when compared to traditional marketing ones:

This benefit is well known among businesspersons and digital marketing agencies alike. A reason behind the popularity of this marketing technique is that it is made for everyone, and everyone can use it.

Not only are there several tools that are completely free to use, but they are also useful for every business, no matter how small or large it may be. Some of these, such as keyword research tools, website and image optimization tools, content marketing, and others, form the core of even the most intensive digital marketing strategies.

Paid tools are accessible, yet give you an irrefutable edge. Some paid digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, PPC, Facebook, and Instagram Ads also let you choose the budget of a campaign, and charge you basis the performance of your advertisement.

Thus, a low budget may be a disadvantage for many traditional marketing tools – not everyone can give a full-page ad in the newspaper, or a 30-second long television ad, right? But in the digital marketing space, a low budget does not put you out of the game even before it begins.

2. In Digital Marketing, There's Space for Everyone

Because it is a low cost, has almost no physical and geographic constraints, and is extremely easy to understand, digital marketing makes space for everyone.

India's unique demographics and high purchasing power are making it a lucrative market for businesses around the world. Many local and small scale businesses now find themselves unable to compete – they do not have large marketing teams or agencies to hire or large pockets through which they can buy more and more advertising space.

However, digital marketing offers these businesses an easy to learn, accessible marketing tool – a tool that they can learn and implement on their own and get the word out about their business on their terms.

3. Are your company's campaigns engaging enough? Digital marketing has an answer.

Imagine that your company used a part of their profits and invested the amount towards a front-page ad in a leading newspaper. You may have expected this advertisement to create buzz around your business, from bringing awareness to brand building and also sales.

But once your advertisement is submitted for print, can you accurately determine the level of engagement it generated among readers? Perhaps, someone forgot to read the newspaper that day, or perhaps your advertisement didn't even catch their eye. Could it also be that they noticed your ad but didn't find it engaging enough to read?

These classifications are almost impossible to make through most traditional forms of marketing. But digital marketing offers you a simple, quantitative answer. You can view how many people saw your ad, the number of people who clicked on it, and then further analyze those clicks as well. Sounds great, doesn't it?

4. Is your ad even reaching your customer? With digital marketing, that's a yes.

If we consider the above example once again, you may now realize that a newspaper has several different advertisements, each for different businesses. It is possible that only a certain percentage, say 30% of readers are interested in your product. 

Therefore, is it not inefficient to send your advertisement to the remaining 70%, even though they may not be part of your target market, or have any interest in purchasing a product such as yours?

Digital marketing resolves that by letting you incorporate keywords and other filters to your content. In this way, your ad is displayed only to users who have shown genuine interest in what you offer, thus allowing you to allocate your advertising budget more efficiently. This impacts your return on investment positively as well.

5. Digital marketing lets you speak to your customers through the computer screen.

Many may have this issue with digital marketing – it isn't personal enough. After all, everything a customer knows about you is through a computer screen.

On the other hand, digital marketing allows your customers to find you easily and through various channels. They may contact you through a chatbot on your website, or give you a call and speak with you directly. They could read your content to understand more about your values, ideas, and objectives.

Through the above points, it is easy to understand the vast benefits that digital marketing offers – no matter the industry a business is in or the scale of the business. Digital marketing may bring more new marketing trends, and it is in the best interests of your business to incorporate them in your own unique way. Learn more about new digital marketing trends by taking training on digital marketing courses in Bangalore 

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