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Are you ready to be in top shape for the summer? It’s the perfect time to add high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your regimen. You won’t have to spend all day at the gym. Instead, throw on your bodybuilding clothing, and do your HIIT workout anywhere you want. It’s much easier at the gym with equipment, but you can still get a good workout in at home, around your neighborhood, or on a big grassy hill at the park. Here’s what bodybuilders need to know about HIIT workouts.

Burn More Calories in Less Time

HIIT might be better than fasted or steady-state cardio if you want to burn calories and lose fat. HIIT burns calories in a shorter amount of time thanks to the intensity, especially when compared to steady-state exercise. This is also why you won’t have to spend the entire day on the treadmill or elliptical. You can get in, do an intense workout, and get on with your day, which makes it the perfect complement to your lifting routine.

Increase Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Do you want to increase the number of calories you burn when you aren’t exercising? HIIT is for you. More muscles can mean a higher resting metabolic rate, but you can also increase it even more through HIIT. Usually, after HIIT sessions, your resting metabolic rate will increase for up to 24 hours, helping you burn more calories. HIIT can also increase the size and number of mitochondria in your cells, also improving your resting metabolic rate by working more efficiently.

Get Rapid Results

With HIIT, you can see quick results. As long as you’re bringing the intensity when it’s called for, you can push your body to the limit, igniting its internal fat-burning powers. While there aren’t ever instant results in any training style, HIIT has been successful for many lifters on a cut. You’ll be showing off your leaner body in stringer tank tops in no time.

You Can Do It On Off Days

Add HIIT circuits to your off days or just after you have finished a session for your chest and arms. HIIT routines are great in combination with weight training workouts, so you won’t have to worry about interfering with your normal weightlifting training schedule. You will need time for a warm-up period followed by high-intensity exercise. Then, you have medium-intensity exercise for recovery, and finally, a cool-down period.

Do HIIT and Weight Training

If you have time, you can do both HIIT and weight training in the same workout. Do push-ups between a jog or cardio bursts while waiting for your post-sprint rest period, or do jumping jacks while holding dumbbells. Otherwise, you can do a long HIIT workout one day, followed by a weight training session the following day.

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