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If you are traveling to the city of Surabaya, indeed the most sought after there are tourist attractions and typical culinary. But if you have to travel to Surabaya first to enjoy the Culinary, it will be more tiring and a waste of time. Lucky, now you don't have to worry! Because in Jakarta there have been many typical Surabaya restaurants that stand in every corner of the city.

The following are recommendations for the best Surabaya restaurants in Jakarta from Yummyadvisor, among others …

1. Rawone Dengkoel

5 Recommendations For The Best Surabaya Restaurants In Jakarta

Incomplete taste when you want a typical culinary Surabaya, but did not taste Rawon. Culinary made from beef and identical dark color is an iconic food of Surabaya. To taste it, you can visit Rawone Dengkoel. Listed in its name, rawon is the main menu at this restaurant. In addition to its delicious rawon dishes, the place was also spacious enough for customers ayng come.

Address: Jl. TB Simatupang, the No. 52C, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta

Price range: starting from Rp. 50.000

2. Kantin Rujak Cingur Pak Hadi

5 Recommendations For The Best Surabaya Restaurants In Jakarta

In addition to Rawon, Rujak Cingur is also one of Surabaya's most popular culinary. No need to worry, you do not peru travel far to Surabaya, Culinary that utilizes cingur or cow's mouth, you can find this in Jakarta. One typical Surabaya restaurant that provides rujak Cingur in Jakarta is Pak Hadi's Rujak Cingur Canteen. Although it looks simple, this rujak cingur restaurant is very famous and makes many customers come back here.

Address: Jl. Kh Wahid Hashim No. 48B, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta

Price range: starting from Rp. 35.000

3. Tahu Tek-Tek Pak Joko

5 Recommendations For The Best Surabaya Restaurants In Jakarta

Culinary Tahu Tek is one of the favorite dishes of Surabaya people. Tahu tek is tofu that has been fried, served with potatoes and rice cake, then washed down with peanut sauce. One of the most famous Surabaya tofu Tek dish providers in Jakarta is tofu Tek-tek Pak Joko. If you are interested in tasting authentic Tahu Tek from Surabaya, Tahu Tek-tek Pak Joko is a must visit!

Address: Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 25, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta

Price range: starting from Rp. 20.000

Find the best Surabaya restaurant recommendations in Jakarta on Yummy Advisor. Because Yummy Advisor has the best Surabaya restaurant recommendations in Jakarta which certainly has a delicious taste in every bite.

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