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The New Year has just started and we are sure, you must have planned a number of New Year resolutions, for self-betterment. While many people make career goals, relationship goals, health goals, financial goals, etc., very few people stop and realize the need for self-care goals. “Learn to love yourself,” is a common cliché, but boy is it true! If you love yourself, you will be able to love your life and the people around you. Self-care is vital to your mental and physical health, and it is time you make related goals in the New Year.


Here are some self-care tips that you must include in your New Year resolutions:

•    Have more tea: Most of us love caffeine and wake up to a cupful in the morning. Tea is a form of caffeine, alright, but it is replete with a plethora of health benefits. Tea is available in hundreds of different varieties which vary in taste, flavor, and properties. So feel free to choose something which will please your palate, your pocket and not to mention improve your health at the same time. Teafloor has a plethora of teas to choose from, so feel free to register on the website and take your pick. Having tea will energize your body without causing any jitters. Apart from that, it boosts the immune system and helps to fight a number of diseases.

•    Develop self-care routines: Try and treat yourself every once in a while with a good massage at the spa or conduct a DIY spa day at home with your friends. It helps you to reinvigorate before you go back to your daily activities with more mental strength.

•    Eat well: There is absolutely nothing more important than eating healthy. Eating right will not only keep your weight in check, but it will make your organs stronger, whilst keeping a variety of diseases at bay. Be sure to include vitamins and supplements in your diet to keep your health in order. Tea is replete with a variety of trace minerals and rare vitamins. So having tea needs to be re-instated here.

•    Practice yoga and mindfulness: Yoga is like exercise for the brain! It helps you to clear your thoughts and sleep better. Take a break and focus on your breathing every once in a while, it helps you become more mindful and take better decisions.

•    Put your phone to rest: One of the best things you can do in the new year is to limit the use of your mobile phones. Instead of wasting your time watching mindless videos on social media, instead, cultivate a new habit. Start reading or writing or maybe even painting. It will be a very refreshing change. 

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