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One of the important criteria of a good laboratory space is bearing excellent laboratory equipment with advanced facilities and features. All the successful labs around the globe have high-performance, heavy-duty and expensive equipment and instruments which are required in their daily experimental analysis. A laboratory oven is one of such equipment which has high usage on a daily basis.

In this article, you will be learning about 5 significant benefits of using a laboratory oven. While a lot of students or aspiring scientists know the term laboratory oven, many of them are unaware of the benefits or the exact way by which they can excel their experiments with the help of a laboratory oven. Hence, it is pretty imperative to understand the core or significant benefits of using a laboratory oven which will be covered in the segments discussed below.

Following are the most important features and their respective benefits that adds to the higher efficiency of a laboratory oven over other traditional heating instruments.

Pre heating technology used:

This is an improved facility used in laboratory ovens. Pre heating technology indicates that before a user starts working on the laboratory oven, it can be turned on for pre-heating. This helps in many experiments where the samples cannot be kept inside the oven for too long but the temperature required is high.

Enhanced insulation mechanism:

When working with instruments such as ovens, presence of enhanced/efficient insulation mechanism is a vital criterion to look for. This is present even in standard lab ovens to avoid any inconveniences. It also aids in lowering power consumption due to the reduced heat load output to the lab. This ultimately facilitates in lower consumption cost as well.

Forced convection design:

Similar to forced air convection ovens, a laboratory oven can also be equipped with the same technology in some variants. Such a forced convection design is helpful for the facilitated hot air circulation inside the chamber. If irregular hot air circulation occurs, there can be chances of sample damages. Hence, it is better to invest in a laboratory oven with a potential forced air convection design.

High resistance to heat, microbes and chemicals:

A high resisting power to heat, microbes, and chemicals is another added feature you will find in a laboratory oven. It is natural that when using a laboratory oven, there will be spills and splashes inside the chamber either during loading or unloading the samples (uncovered). Such an event can lead to unwanted reactions ultimately leading to accidents. Also, it is best that the interior is resistant to microbes because retained microorganisms can interfere with the successive experiments.

Array of sizes available to choose from:

Since a laboratory oven is an indispensable equipment, a wide array of sizes is available at Global Lab Supply, so that you can pick the most suitable one for your purpose. You can alternatively get a customizable size if required.

Original Source: https://www.launchora.com/story/5-significant-benefits-of-using-laboratory-ovens



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