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Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, or the thought of using essential oils hasn’t even been on your radar. But there is so much to gain from using essential oils. Many people use them to help improve their atmospheres with aromatic diffusers, use them topically for skincare, and even cook with them. So, if you’ve been toying with trying essential oils, here are five signs that it’s time.

You Love Natural Fragrances

Whether it’s the soft and floral scent of fresh-cut lavender oil or invigorating lemon oil, natural fragrances help awaken our senses and make us feel closer to the natural world. If you love natural fragrances and want to bring those enchanting aromas into your home, essential oils might be the perfect match for you. It’s so easy to bring a little nature indoors by diffusing your favorite oils in your home.

Your Home Needs Help Getting Cozy or Welcoming

Is there just something missing when you walk through the door? Sometimes that missing piece can be completed by incredible aromatics. You can create different aromatic environments that best suit your needs. Perhaps you want to create a welcoming atmosphere before a dinner party with friends, so you diffuse ylang ylang or vanilla. Or maybe you want to create a cozy night by diffusing cinnamon and clove.

You Want to Go a Little More Natural in Your Cleaning Routine

Tired of lists of unintelligible chemicals on all your cleaning supplies? It’s easy to go a little more natural in your cleaning routine with essential oils. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are excellent choices to add to your homemade cleaning supplies. They have purifying topical qualities that are perfect for leaving surfaces sparkling clean, and they leave a beautiful natural scent throughout your home.

You Want to Focus More on Your Well-Being

Essential oils are perfect for anyone trying to focus more on their personal well-being. Again, essential oils help infuse your life with more nature and can help you focus on yourself. Maybe you want to set up a more regular evening routine, and lavender essential oil can help create a restful environment each night. Or, if you want to add more exercise to your routine, you can use your essential oils to help you massage your muscles. There are so many uses for essential oils that focus on your well-being.

You’re Looking for a Hobby the Whole Family Can Participate in

Essential oils are also an excellent hobby for the entire family. Between all the recipes and crafts you can make with your oils, you’ll never run out of fun things to do with your family. Some of the best essential oil companies offer a library of these recipes and activities on their websites, and voila, activity time with the family is taken care of.

About doTERRA

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