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Everyone deserves to feel empowered and sensual in their intimates. And the best way to feel empowered is by wearing the intimates that fit your body best and look stunning. The truth is, you don’t really need an excuse to buy yourself a new bra if you want one. But there are some clear signs that it’s time you should buy yourself a new bra. So, if you start to notice any of these five things, it is time that you should upgrade your bra collection.

Your Bra’s Color Has Lost its Vibrancy

This is one of the first telltale signs that your bra needs to retire. Once your color starts to fade, that means you’ve worn the heck out of that bra, and it’s lived a good life. But you want to feel beautiful and sensual in your undergarments, and that’s hard to do when your bra is dingy and lacking vibrancy. There’s nothing better than a fresh set of intimates in a dazzling color.

Your Body Is Changing

Our body’s shape changes multiple times throughout our lives, and it is totally normal. But often, when our bodies change in size, so does our bra size. Look for a brand with an inclusive sizing system that can support 30A to 38G bras to 44E. The best online retailers can provide an online sizing quiz to help you figure out what your new perfect size is—no more awkward bra fitting at the department store.

You’re Dealing with Finicky Straps and Underwires

Honestly, who has time for finicky straps and uncomfortable underwires? Modern women should not put up with bra discomfort and need bras that will keep them comfortable all day long. Your underwire should provide you with the support you need while moving flexibly with your body. It doesn’t matter if you wear 32A bras or 36F bras; you should always be comfortable in your undergarments.

Your Bra Doesn’t Make You Feel Empowered

Your bra should help you channel your inner fire and confidence. If you don’t love the way you look in your intimates, they probably aren’t the ones for you. Empowerment comes from within and wrapping yourself in intimates that you love can help you express that empowerment. Don’t settle for a bra that just works; find a bra that works for you.

You Want to Change Up Your Bra Silhouette

We all have our go-to bra style, but you shouldn’t be afraid to change it up either. A modern, pared-down silhouette can help you feel comfortable and ready to tackle the day. Whether you wear 34B Bras or 40H bras, testing out some new styles could lead you to your new favorite bra. If you feel like you want to treat yourself to some contemporary bra silhouettes, feel free to take this as your sign to just do it.

About CUUP

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