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Imagine you returned home from the 100-degree Fahrenheit heat in Dallas. But as you turned on your AC unit, you noticed that the AC unit isn’t functioning. If you don’t want to face this situation, you’ll have to repair the air conditioner unit when it’s due. And for this, you’ll have to look for some signs.

5 Signs that Tells You about Immediate AC Repair

1. Not Blowing Cool Air

You turned your air conditioner unit on, but still, your home isn’t getting cold. If you’re currently facing this problem, you must call an air conditioning expert right now.

When there is a refrigerant line leak, it can cause this problem. Besides, if there is a malfunction in the compressor or in the electrical connection, your air conditioning unit can have this type of problem. Regardless of the main cause, you should never neglect this problem and call a professional to look after the AC problem.

However, before calling a cooling professional, you’ll have to make sure that your air filter is clean. Sometimes, when the air filter is clogged, it can cause a cooling problem. If you find out that the air filter is clogged, replace it and see whether your air conditioning unit is blowing cold air or not.

2. Unusual Noises

Do you hear any grinding or squeaking noise coming out of the cooling unit? If it’s yes, there must be something going inside your cooling unit, and you should call an air conditioner expert ASAP.

Usually, air conditioning units make a white noise while functioning. But over time, wear and tear starts to happen inside the cooling unit, which makes the AC parts loose. As a result, when you turn on your AC unit, it starts to have more friction and make abnormal noises.

3. Bad Odor

Surprisingly, our 400 odor receptors can differentiate more than 1 trillion odors and smells. If you smell any musty odor coming out of your cooling unit, chances are there are molds inside your air conditioning unit. But don’t worry, you can easily fix this problem by calling air conditioner repair specialists in Dallas, TX. Almost every professional in air conditioner repair in Dallas is highly trained and professional. You can trust their HVAC service blindly.

Again, if you hear any burning smell coming out of your unit, there is a high probability that there is a short circuit in your unit, and if you don’t address this problem quickly, your house can catch fire.

4. High Humidity

During summer, it’s extremely hot and humid outside in Dallas. However, when you’ve a broken AC, you’ll have to bear the same high humid condition in your home too.

An AC unit’s primary function is to eliminate excess water from indoor air and keep your home cool. But when it fails to do so, you’ll start to feel sweaty in your home. That’s why as soon as you feel that your AC unit is failing to remove moisture from your space, you should call an HVAC professional and repair the problem quickly.

If you’re struggling to keep the humidity level of your home in a constant position, you can invest in a programmable thermostat. With this thermostat, users can control the humidity and temperature according to your preferences and schedule.

5. Unusual Cooling Bills

If you’re suddenly noticing a drastic change in monthly cooling bills, there is a high possibility that your AC unit has become less efficient and needs immediate AC repair service.

When an air conditioning unit becomes less efficient, it starts to consume more electricity to produce the same cooling. There are various causes behind air conditioner less efficiency. For example, if your AC unit has a clogged air filter, it’ll block the airflow of your unit. As a result, it’ll have to run longer to reach your desired temperature and become less efficient.

Again, when you have an old air conditioner, it’ll have more wear and tear, which will eventually lead to less efficiency.


As soon as you find out that your air conditioner has these signs, you shouldn’t make any delay and call your nearby air conditioner repair professionals. Again, apart from the AC repair service, you should focus more on regular AC maintenance. Because regular AC maintenance prevents frequent AC repairs and enhances the lifespan of the unit.




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