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For many people, their New Years Resolution has nothing to do with dieting or working out more. Instead, they've made their goal to have a more organized home. This is a great idea! Does your “New Year, New Me” mean you'll finally be tackling that messy hallway closet? If so, you'll probably want a bit of help first. Just looking in there can be overwhelming! Experts recommend these five tips:

#1 Take everything out. Yes, everything! Empty the shelves completely. You won't ever get your hall closet truly clean and organized unless you're starting from scratch. You have no idea what's pushed back into a corner or lurking underneath an old blanket.


#2 Toss out anything that is old, ripped, torn, or otherwise not going to be used. Now that everything is out in plain sight, the first thing to do is toss anything that shouldn't go back in. If you've used this hallway for holiday decorations, there may be old and broken decor inside that you'll never use again. Perhaps there's blankets, sweaters, candles, and other items that you know are passed their usefulness. Now is the time to toss it out. You've already made some progress having more space in your closet.


#3 Donate anything in good shape. Just because you have five woolly blankets doesn't mean you need to keep them all. How often does your family realistically all need a blanket at the same time? Your local shelter or church will more than appreciate any donations of extra items. Dust them off, pack them up, and donate them to people who don't have the good fortune you do. You’ll be glad you did when you're looking at all that open space on the shelves!


#4 Wash and dry the shelves. While everything is out of the closet, now is the perfect time to wipe down the shelves themselves. You can use soap and water or a bleach wipe. You won't have a chance like this very often!


#5 Use better organization this time around. Better organization can take many forms. For a lot of people, the key is to use clear bins. Labeling each bin makes things even easier! Perhaps bringing in an organization expert who handles custom design closets in Greenville, SC is the right thing for you. These professionals don't just handle large walk-in closets, but reach-in hallway closets too. Turning your cluttered hallways closet into one of the custom design closets in Greenville, SC means getting seasonal items, blanket, and holiday decor will be much easier.

These are five easy tips to consider when you need to clean out your hallway closet. Have you been neglecting your closet? Is it unorganized and needs a bit of refreshing? There are closet companies in Greenville, SC can help! Once your hallway closet is cleaner and more organized, you'll reap the benefits right away. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all!


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