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If you are serious about bodybuilding, there’s a good chance that you’ve gone through a period of training where you feel like you’re not gaining muscle—or at least not building as much muscle as you would like. It’s also a common frustration for those who are just getting into the iron sport. As such, these feelings can become an obstacle for everyone from beginners to experienced lifters who feel like their gains have hit a plateau. Fortunately, there are some solutions that can help, some of them as simple as finding the right weightlifting clothes for your next trip to the gym.

You’re Low on Patience, Not Gains

Like so many hobbies that are worth giving your all, bodybuilding requires patience. The changes you can expect to see in your body and its muscle mass are going to be relatively gradual. For those who are just getting into bodybuilding or weightlifting in general, gradual results can seem like no change at all. Sometimes, the only option is to just keep at it and know that your hard work will pay off in the end. If you’re feeling like you’re not making progress, compare your current physique to a picture of yourself from before you started lifting. Your best bet is to manage your expectations and celebrate small goals, even if it’s just increasing your squat PR by ten pounds.

You Don’t Have the Right Gear

Not only does having the appropriate weightlifting clothing and accessories help optimize your gains, but it can also improve how prepared you feel for your most challenging training days. The right weightlifting clothes can help you cool. Shoes, belts, straps, wraps, and a variety of other accessories can also provide you with much-needed support when you lift heavy. Weightlifting gear that’s designed to enhance your workouts can be the edge you need to build the muscle you want.

You Need the Right Support

Bodybuilding can turn out to be more involved than people often think when they first take it up. There are the proper lifting techniques, the timing of routines, specific regimens for toning or bulking up, dietary requirements, and a whole lot more that you’ll need to consider. Even when you’ve been at it for a while, there is always more to learn. If you feel like your muscle growth has stalled, sometimes the best option is to seek support from someone you trust. It could be a knowledgeable friend or a fitness professional—either way, they will be able to impart some wisdom you might not have considered before.

You Are Not Keeping Track

In addition to the complex nature of bodybuilding, plotting out your progress also requires quite a bit of tracking and organization. Muscle growth is almost always more accurately tracked by keeping a close eye on hard numbers than it is by trying to estimate your progress. Therefore, it’s important to keep a consistent record of your weight and dimensions. Whether that is daily, biweekly, or weekly is up to you.

You Should Be Eating More

Many people come to bodybuilding from a more general fitness background. Of course, most people recommend closely watching what you eat when following any fitness regimen. Specifically, it usually means that people should limit how much they eat. Keeping track of how much and what type of foods you are eating is essential for building muscle as well. However, the recommendation is the opposite of what you typically hear: you should probably eat more. Your body needs fuel to grow muscle—so be sure to fuel all your training sessions with a variety of delicious, good-for-you food.

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